Breaking news!!!!

Big news in the little village of Ballyholme!

After at least 20 years we finally have a take away!!!!

To most this is not big news at all but for a little village like ours which let’s say has it’s fair share of oldies and snobs this is a big thing! There had been talk years before of chip shops opening, but no apparently the residents all kicked up and didn’t approve . . . pppft!

Sunday night – Tonight – 18th August 2013 was opening night.

As I drove down (yes I was mega lazy tonight) Ballyholme was packed, no where to park (not really a surprise) and the street was packed.  Everyone and it’s Granny were down at the new Chinese, as I went in there were people waiting outside and at least 15 inside, I don’t think I have ever been in a Chinese take away so packed!

Now I have to say there was quite a bit of a wait but that was to be expected, opening night, the shop was packed with a constant flow of customers and also phone orders. The staff literally didn’t stop the whole time and were working their butts off.  However, of course we had some of the local ‘snobs’ in, I don’t care if I’m sounding rude calling them that, but how they got on was very snobby and just plain rude!

Giving off at how long they were having to wait (1 – it’s just new open 2 – you could clearly see how busy it was before you even went in and placed your order 3 – the staff were clearly working their butts off, we could all see this over the counter).  Then saying how when they go to Ballywalter for their Chinese they never have to wait more than 10 mins (who gets their takeaway at least 20 mins from where you live?!) Also that it of course wouldn’t be as nice as the chow mein they had eaten in Hong Kong!

Sitting waiting this just riled me! I really hoped that the staff could not hear what they were saying, it was so rude and disheartening in my opinion! I really had to bite my tongue and say “hey give over and give them a break, if you don’t like it leave!”

Rant over let me show you what I got and my opinion on it

I ordered the shredded chicken in honey, chilli and garlic with half chips, half rice, which came to £6.40.

The smell was fantastic as soon as I opened the tub, although being the wimp that I am I was a little worried that it would burn the mouth off me . . . thankfully I was wrong and it was delicious with a perfect heat!

The portion size was perfect not a tiny amount and not a massive portion and everything was cooked to perfection.  I most definitely have to say this is by far the best Chinese I have had in a LONG while!

There was also a couple of fortune cookies in my bag . . . I love these and you NEVER get them, this may well be a one of for opening day but I thought it was a lovely touch!

So to all the staff in Ba Won, Ballyholme . . .

– congratulations on your opening night!

– your food was gorgeous I will definitely be back!

– the place looked great!

– the staff were genuine and friendly and worked their butts off!




So to my friends/followers and readers if you are close by or can make it down I 100% recommend that you try Ba Won Asian Cuisine on the Groomsport Road in Ballyholme and treat yourself to something yummy!!!

Phone Number – 028 9145 1888

Zane xxxx

2 thoughts on “Breaking news!!!!

  1. There’s never been a takeaway in Ballyholme? That’s just weird. The perfect place for fish and chips. How’s their curry?
    Btw, you know someone’s up their own arse when they compare British takeaway food to authentic Asian food.

    1. exactly and sooo many people up there own back sides in ballyholme!!! No I don’t think there ever has, I’ve lived here all my life and not remembered one, I think the residents always rejected it. I haven’t had their curry yet but they do a variety, you normal one, a Portuguese and a Malaysian one I think, from what I can remember from the menu, oh and a Thai one too.

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