part of a community

Yesterday I had such an amazing day meeting some fellow bloggers all thanks to the amazing Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown!


It felt great meeting other bloggers and fitting in with them! We all had our cameras or phones out, snapping away taking as many pictures as we wanted without the usual oh your taking pictures AGAIN, oh you take pictures of EVERYTHING, or even just those funny looks you tend to get!


For me I felt like I was the aby of the group, even though I had been blogging longer than some of the girls I met I felt like such a novice.  However these girls even if they did not realise it taught me a lot! I can’t wait to take on board the advice they gave me and to start reading their blogs and in turn pick up more tips!


Over the next few weeks I hope to take their advice on board and improve myself as a blogger!  The girls I met really have inspired me and I feel now like part of a community rather than just a random wee blogger just ‘winging’ it!


This week ahead I am off work so actually will have the time to catch up with my blogs and tell you all about some amazing things I have experienced over this past week.


Love to you all

Zane xxxx

7 thoughts on “part of a community

  1. HAHAHA @ funny looks, that’s very true! It’s a shame I didn’t come across your blog sooner! Only started blogging recently myself so would have loved to meet other like-minded individuals xx

      1. aww very good! i actually met a blogger from Dublin recently, she is lovely! Was speaking to her about setting up a bloggers meeting… apparently they have a few in Galway! xx

      2. Oh cool, although I’m from outside Belfast in the North so Galway would be a bit far for me 😦 where abouts are you from? xx

      3. awh you are in the perfect position!! hey meant to say are you on twitter or do you have a fb page and I can give you a wee add 🙂 xx

      4. hahah, I know right! I, only joined Twitter recently: @FilomenaKaguako but been on FB for years (like evry1 else on this planet I’d say ha) Filomena Kaguako I’ll add u on Instagram now xx

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