Lovely Lady Afternoon Tea

I was so excited last week to receive an invite from Cocoa Brown Tan and Marissa Carter for afternoon tea down in  the Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel, Dublin – Stillorgan Road Blackrock County Dublin to meet with Marissa and her team and my fellow Irish bloggers.

Saturday 17th August had finally arrived!

I had hunted through my wardrobe for something pink and well this was as pink as I could get.

Dress – M&S Limited Collection from last summer.

Mum decided she would head down to Dublin with me and meet up with her childhood friend Judith whilst I went for my afternoon tea.  A big first for mum too, driving the whole way to Dublin/Malahide.  We arrived in Malahide and went straight to Judith’s, it was great to see her and very luckily for me she agreed to take me to the hotel. This was a godsend as I had no idea AT ALL where I was going and being over the border I didn’t have the option of good old google maps on my phone (roaming and internet rates are crazy!!)

We arrived at the hotel and I was blown away it was massive, so grand and stunning!

Just look at the gorgeous garden at the front of the hotel!

I was about 5 minutes late as we had got a little lost, but that was no problem as I was not the only one lol.  As I went in I was greeted by Marissa, can I just say she is even more beautiful in real life! She greeted me with a hug and a smile and made me feel so welcome.  The room was packed with loads of other bloggers all looking stunning in their pink and dressed up outfits.

Doesn’t everyone look gorgeous? I sat down beside some lovely girls and fellow bloggers (I will most definitely be doing a blog to introduce you all to them) Niamh, Eimear, Dawn and Anita.


 This was Dawn, Eimear and myself.

This was the menu we were greeted with and just have a look at the dainty, scrummy treats that we were served . . .

I tried an egg sandwich, a fruit scone and one of the choc coffee triangles and a chocolate macaroon.  All were absolutely amazing, everything was so fresh and full of flavour, by far one of the best afternoon teas I have ever tasted!

This was the chocolate/coffee like tiramisu treat I had, it was so yummy and look how cute are the Cocoa Brown initials on the top!

Marissa then got up to talk. She thanked us all for coming and the support she has received from all the bloggers.  Marissa also gave some on the spot prizes and gave us some fantastic news (we were the first to be told, and don’t worry I shall tell you in an upcoming blog).

Once Marissa had made her speeches we all went back to having a chat and Marissa came round and chatted to all of us. She was so down to earth and just a lovely, genuine person, who deserves all the success she has gained and I know will gain in the future!

All the members of Marissa‘s team who where at the tea came around and chatted to us all, it was so nice to also get to know them and they really took an interest in us all and were just so, so lovely!

This is Sarah (Brand Manager), Marissa and Ashling (Beauty Salon Sales & Promotions Manager)

Dotted around the tables were these cute little cards . . .

All with little quotes on them.

Here are some other pictures I took around the room . . .

Alongside the gorgeous afternoon tea that was put on for us we also received a sachet of Tough Stuff (I have a review just ready and waiting to show you on this amazing product), a No7 goodie bag from Boots with 50 euro worth of makeup, a 10% of Saba restaurant voucher and a Cocoa Brown phone cover for the iphone.

As I don’t have an iphone and wouldn’t get the use out of the Saba voucher I gave them to Judith.

When we left we were all able to get a picture with the lovely Marissa . . .


Have a look at the goodie bag . . .

I can’t wait to use these products and of course I will show you all!


My afternoon spent with Marissa and her Cocoa Brown team alongside the other bloggers was fantastic and well worth the 2 hour drive to and from Dublin.  I felt privileged to be invited and to meet such lovely people and overall to feel like part of a community.  Marissa is one of the nicest people I have met and I wish her every bit of the success she has and will gain, it is a total pleasure knowing her!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and I hope I didn’t make you too jealous of my wonderful day!

Check out some of these links for the products and places featured . . .

The Radisson Blu St Helens Hotel –

Saba restaurant –

Boots No7 –

Cocoa Brown –

Zane xxxx

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