Time for a Soak

Ryan’s birthday is fast approaching but with both our work schedules it’s hard to find time to do things together or have the same day off. However last week was different both Ryan and I had Thursday off work so we headed up to Belfast to Tennant’s Vital to see one of our favourite bands Snow Patrol!

As an added bonus we also had the next day off too, so I planned an early birthday treat for him. Don’t you find boys are a NIGHTMARE to buy for and when you ask them what they would like . . . “em I don’t know, nothing” . . . Grr this drives me mad! So I decided to plan a fun day together, this is what I did when we first got together before we were an official couple and I didn’t have a clue what to get him.

That time we went to Dublin Zoo for the day and I made party food like a kid’s party to bring down to us. This year I decided on a Spa day and a yummy meal. Initially I had planned to stay quite local, go to a day spa and then to a restaurant I’ve been dying for Ryan and I to go to. However when I looked more into the day spa it really was not worth the money, yes it was cheaper than your usual spa’s in the Galgorm or Culloden, but for what they were offering I thought they were very over priced.

So I started searching online and came across something spa like, relaxing, different and well priced in Newcastle so decided to look into it and also some restaurants in the area. I contacted everyone, got reviews and recommendations from my friends on where to book and got it all booked . . .

Friday arrived and we set off from my house to Newcastle, about an hr and 15 minute journey and arrived at our destination . . .

Newcastle Co.down

We then drove through the town, along the promenade and parked up by the side of the road as the local car park was closed. Our final destination Soak Seaweed Baths.

This is the building where you can Soak, Soothe, Sip and Snooze.

First off were went for a Soak . . .

When we first walked in we were greeted by very friendly staff members. As they went and got our bath ready Ryan and I picked what music we wanted to listen to as we had forgotten to bring our own CD with us. I let Ryan chose, first choice was Bob Marley, to which my reply was 100% no way! Second and final choice was Damien Rice, nice, chilled out and relaxing.

We were brought down to our own private room (which had a lock on the door) which consisted of your shower/steam area, a large Victorian bath, towels, and a mirror . . .

The man then told us what to do and how the seaweed was fresh and clean (for more info check out the link at the end of this blog) he then said to us to fill up the bath as high as we wanted (all with filtered sea water), but as it was our first time not to have the water too hot. He then advised we steamed for 10-15 mins before getting into the bath then to sit in it and enjoy, then at the end to have a cool shower.

Ryan and I went for a joint bath, however you can do your own single bath if you are going alone or if you are going as a couple there is the option of your own bath each in the double room, you don’t have to share.

The bath was lovely and relaxing, a little weird as the water went slightly slimy on your skin, although not uncomfortable. Afterwards I noticed that my hands and toes were actually not like a prune and it was strange after you showered that your skin wasn’t still slippery soft, however it did really feel moisturised.


‘The mineral-rich seaweed and hot seawater that make up a seaweed bath. The seaweed detoxifies your body and enriches your skin with vitamins A—K, giving you a natural glow.’

‘Many therapeutic benefits are attributed to seaweed bathing. Scientific studies have confirmed that seaweed bathing helps lower body stress and relieve skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, acne etc). It has also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of muscle aches and joint stiffness (rheumatism and arthritis), and excellent for some circulatory problems. Seaweed treatments are associated with body toning, slimming and the release of toxins. Indeed, the therapeutic merit of seaweed can be aptly described as one of nature’s timeless treasures, fostering beauty, balance and vitality.’

The second part of the treatment was for Ryan only, he went for a soothing treatment of a back, neck and scalp massage. He loved this and came out mega relaxed from it!

Whilst Ryan had his treatment I treated myself to a Sip treat of Earl Grey tea and a blueberry scone, which was absolutely delicious!

As I waited I also took some pictures from my comfy seat at the window of the reception area and view from the window . . .

Afterwards we were well and truly relaxed!

And I would have loved to have gone for a . . .

We had a great time and would definitely go back again!

Check out some of Soak‘s special offers – http://www.soakseaweedbaths.co.uk/soak/specials.html

For more information on Soak, Soothe, Sip and Snooze check out their website . . .


‘LIKE’ them on Facebook . . .


That wasn’t the end of Ryan’s birthday treat . . .

We had fun in the amusements and we were definitely the oldest two on the dodgems without a child!

Then we went on to dinner, I had asked my friends for restaurants they recommended in Newcastle and this one came up as my favourite, there was loads on their menu that both Ryan and I would eat and it was also well priced. I booked our table for 5.30pm but ended up being so hungry we ended up turning up at 5pm, however this was not a problem.

The restaurant I chose was Villa Vinci, on the main road in Newcastle. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly, authentically Italian maître d and some amazing smells from the kitchen.

As I said there was loads of food from the menu that both Ryan and I liked!

Ryan went for a starter of scallops and chorizo

I went for the breaded brie and a red onion chutney

For his main, Ryan went for the salmon and champ (he would have preferred the sauce on the side, but will know to ask that the next time)

I had chicken stuffed with a mild feta cheese and sundried tomatoes, wrapped in Parma ham and served with orzo pasta and pesto.

Our food was to die for! So yummy and actually really filling too, I ended up bringing the end of my orzo home with me. Of course I had a good nosey around the restaurant and the food other people had looked amazing too, (wow my mouth is watering as I’m writing this).

Ryan and I will most definitely be back!

Check out their website and book yourself a table!


Have you ever had a seaweed bath before? Or have you tried Villa Vinci? Let me know your opinions! 🙂

Zane xxxx


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