Sometimes it just calls for some Tough Stuff

Look what arrived for me the other day in the post . . . a new product from Cocoa Brown.

Now who like me have millions of exfoliating products which you use for say a week, then you put away to gather dust in your bathroom? Either because it worked ok, or because lets face it you can’t be bothered to exfoliate apart from that once in a blue moon time.

Yep just look a my collection . . . all with a slight layer of dust on them as they are very rarely used.

The odd time when I half the time and I feel like making the effort I will exfoliate, but have the time I really can’t be bothered, it takes too much effort too, and then no matter how much I shower off I always end up with grains and grit on me.

But when my Cocoa Brown prezzie arrived I really wanted to try it and I expected good things, as with the rest of Marissa‘s products!

You can see from the picture above I took some before and after pics.  I had a full tan on that was about 4 days old, so not that close to fading or coming off completely. Take a look at some of my INCREDIBLE before and after pics . . .

My chest

My legs

My arms

My foot/ankle

That bit under my arm (this is usually the hardest bit for me to get the tan off)

OMW look how white I actually am! Thank god for Cocoa Brown Tan is all I can say! I really didn’t think the results would be as good as this with such little effort.  You don’t need to rub in all these different directions, circles etc, you just need to rub up and down.  I didn’t need to apply an exfoliating mitt (which I would usually put on to use with the exfoliator) I did just what it said on the packet and rubbed gently up and down.  On the tougher areas, such as under my arm, my knees and lower legs I rubbed the Tough Stuff with a facecloth.

This was my light pink facecloth after exfoliation.


So those are my results, now let me tell you a bit more about Cocoa Brown’s Tough Stuff itself . . .

Tough Stuff is a new exfoliator brought out by Marissa and her Cocoa Brown team, described as –

‘a no nonsense scrub for rough areas such as feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands’

In each sachet you get 50ml of the product, I’d say I will get about 4 goes out of this as it really took the smallest amounts for each part of my body when I first tried it out.

No surprise Tough Stuff’s packing is pink but so is the product, it reminded me of the colour of a rich raspberry mousse.  Keeping in theme with the other Cocoa Brown products – 1hr tan and night and day, Tough Stuff also has the signature smell Tahitian Gardinia.

As well as smelling gorgeous it also felt fantastic on my skin, with extra small grains, a little like sand, which meant it exfoliated so well and comes off 100% with no residue once you shower it off.

Now a warning to you all your skin will be a little red after exfoliation but this is perfectly normal, it’s just the oxygen getting into your blood and the blood flowing – not the fact that you have rubbed your skin raw (which yes I have done with exfoliators in the past).

Image from Cocoa Brown Facebook Page

In the South of Ireland you can buy it from Pennys, Boots, and a variety of pharmacies

For those in the North and in the UK you can buy it in Primark and online –  (2 for £4.50), and


Marissa gave us some juicy news on Saturday at the Afternoon Tea – Tough Stuff will be hitting the shelves in a handy tube come October so no need to worry about keeping your Tough Stuff sealed and in a safe place so you don’t lose it!

I 100% recommend Tough Stuff, I give it ***** 5 stars and a definite 10/10!

Have you guys tried it yet, what do you think?

Zane xxxx

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