Never give up!

Today I have some amazing news I wanted to share with you all, which I read on Friday.

The post I just reblogged may have given you a hint . . .

This is the fantastic post I read and had to hold back tears of happiness . . .


Yes our wonderful, strong, brave Jill who shared her inspiring story with us a few months ago finally received her transplant!


Here are more posts Jill’s sister Megan posted over the weekend . . .



Last weekend reminded me just how important life is and to never give up! Even through all those times Jill struggled and was so sick she fought, she fought hard in the hope that someone out there would do the selfless act of becoming a donor and saving lives! Her donor did just that, we don’t know how many lives this donor ultimately saved but I do know Jill and her family will never forget what they have done and she will live her new life to the full!


To Jill I send all my love and I can’t wait to speak to you myself when you are fully recovered and up and about, in the meantime you just get better, you are an INSPIRATION to us all!

And to the donor we will never know who you are but I hope your family can find some comfort in the fact that you and your selfless decision has saved at least one life . . . A true hero through and through!

To become a donor yourself



Zane xxxx

7 thoughts on “Never give up!

  1. All of my children, aged to do so, have independently registered as organ donors and carry the card. The odd thing is that each of them has excluded ‘eyes’ from the donation. Their reasoning is that they want to be able to ‘see’ afterwards and eyes are just too personal. I kind of get what they’re saying but find it slightly odd.
    Thank you for sharing this. It is a reminder of what life can be given in gift when another’s is lost.x

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