a bitta something healthy


This recipe makes 12 muffins


– 200g plain flour

– 80g porridge oats

– 100g caster sugar

– 2 teaspoons (tsp) of baking powder

– 1 teaspoon (tsp) of bicarbonate of soda

– 1/2 tsp of salt

– 1 egg

– 175ml milk

– 75ml vegetable oil

– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

– 250g mashed bananas



1. Preheat the oven at 220C / Gas 6

2. Mix together all the dry ingredients – flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, and salt

3. In a large bow, whisk the egg lightly. Stir in the oil, vanilla and milk.  Add the mashed banana and stir.

4. To the mix stir in the dry ingredients and mix until just combined.

5. Divide the mixture into the muffin cases and bake for 18-20 minutes.


– First time round I forgot to add the vanilla, however after tasting them I don’t think you need it so I now never add it.

– The first time round I decided to scatter some porridge oats on the top of the muffin mix before putting them in the oven.

– The next time I made the muffins I decided to add mixed seeds throughout the muffin and on the top with the oats.

– I reduced the amount of sugar I used by using more very ripe bananas (they are sweeter) and reduced the liquid.

– At the time of making these we had no vegetable oil so I used Rapeseed oil, which apparently is healthier.

*The next time I make the muffins I am going to try using wholemeal flour rather than plain flour to make it healthier*



Zane xxxx


Everyone needs a bit of soul

It’s been a while since I have introduced you to a new website and to keep with my jewellery theme from yesterday I want to introduce you to Soul Jewellery.


Call it a coincidence, or call it fate but as you may have noticed I featured Soul Jewellery in my blog earlier as I had spotted a gorgeous necklace on my hunt on Friday night.

Spike Necklace

And literally just 5 minutes ago I decided to try and be organised and sort out my emails seeing as I’m actually on my laptop.  First off checking my spam for any emails that have fallen into the spam trap and boy am I glad I did! Soul Jewellery themselves had actually emailed me last week introducing themselves and giving me a fab promotional discount for all my readers! Now I do not call that a coincidence!

So straight away I got onto their website again and made a list of my must have items, so let me share!


Chunky Neck Bling

Chunky Bling Necklace



Geo Necklace

Geo Necklace



Geo Collar

Geo Collar




Geo Pendant

Geo Pendant



Heart Necklace

Heart Necklace



Lilly Pad

Lilly Pad



Moustache Necklace

Moustache Necklace



Neon Chain

Neon Chain



Spike Necklace

Spike Necklace



Wish Bone Necklace

Wish Bone Necklace





Triple Spike Earring

Triple Spike Earring



Antique Drop Earrings

Antique Drop Earrings



Gold Heart And Crystal Studs

Gold hearts and crystal studs




White Wrap

White Wrap



Neon Bracelet

Neon Bracelet



Birdie Bracelet

Birdie Bracelet




Love And Faith Ring

Love and Faith Ring



Spike Ring

Spike Ring



What do you think? Gorgeous, yes? Now this is just my wish list, there is so much more to chose from on the website so get on and have a look for yourself!


Now not that anyone ever needs an excuse to buy jewellery but if you do . . .

Soul Jewellery are a collective of jewellery designers, artists and dreamers who love jewellery, style and fashion but also have a passion for digging wells, building orphanages and helping make the world a better place. They will achieve this by donating 20% of their profits to small African based community projects.  
They want to give people an option to wear affordable and fashionable jewellery that doesn’t just look great but has real meaning behind it. Soul Jewellery have stumbled into the online world and are in their very early stages after selling their wares at various little events across the UK. Early next year Soul Jewellery will launch our EDOA collection (Ethical Design out of Africa) that has been designed and manufactured entirely in Africa. After travelling there they were inspired by the people they met. They were beautiful, talented, kind and friendly. They felt like soul mates. They knew they wanted them to be part of Soul Jewellery.
Not just are Soul Jewellery an amazing company donating to Africa but they are also sharing with my readers and followers a discount code of 15% off on the site as a little launch promo when you use the discount code FRIEND at the basket stage. This will be live until the end of October.
So get onto their website now and get shopping using your discount code in the knowledge that your purchases can help make a difference!
To follow on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/Allab0utthe
To follow on Instagram – @s0uljewellery
Zane xxxx


It has to be said I LOVE jewellery! I have a full cabinet drawer, a large jewellery box, a basket of bangles, a rail of necklaces, a box of stud earrings and lots of other bits and bobs floating about my room.  According to Ryan I have to much and there is no need for me to be looking at, never mind buying anymore! Eh no chance lol

My new jewellery obsession (not that this stops me from buying any other item of jewellery) is the STATEMENT NECKLACE! I just love them, they go with any outfit and there are just so many to chose from at the minute.  I have too say Primark and Penneys have had some of my favourites, however they don’t have a website . . . I mean what is with that?! So I can’t show you any of my favourites from there but do take a look at some of these ones I have found online, all on my search for the perfect statement necklace for a wedding outfit.

Image 1 of New Look Limited Edition Sleek Geo Bib Necklace

New Look Limited Edition Sleek Geo Bib Necklace 



Oceanic Crystal Statement Necklace

Oceanic Crystal Statement Necklace by Anna Lou of London




Shourouk Primavera XL Necklace in Green



Black cord gem stone necklace



75K06GBLU_thumb (2)

Sparkle Drop Necklace



Spike Necklace

Spike Necklace



Tube and Multi Chain Drape Collar

Tube and Multi Chain Drape Collar




Ultimate Disco Collar Necklace




Baroque Perspex Flower Necklace




Princess Tiered Statement Necklace




Annoushka Statement Necklace




M&S Collection Jewel Embellished Diamanté Necklace




Large Delicate Geo Necklace



So tell me what’s your perfect statement necklace? Comment below and send me a link if you can 🙂

Zane xxxx

Playing it smoothe!

Is it just me or when you are sick . . . the sore throat, loaded with the cold kind of sick do you grab the first vitamin packed drink you can find? Yep tends to be the only time I do! Ask me what brands of smoothies out there I could probably name two, none before have really wowed me, never have I gone oooh that was nice I will definitely buy that again.  Well that was until now . . .


Two or three weeks ago, whilst slumping around my local Tesco, feeling like death I spotted these new drinks. What drew me to them first I would have to say was how they looked, I loved the bottle and the colours – stunning and all natural.  Secondly I have to say was the price, £1 off so they are selling at £2 a bottle – BARGAIN!

I had a nosey through the flavours to find a combination I liked, this is sometimes where smoothies hit a downfall for me, I can be so picky over the flavours I pick and I never go for one that advertises banana in the flavour, hidden in it when you read the instructions I can deal with but a predominate banana flavour is a no go!

The four new Coldpress smoothies which have been launched from left to right are . . .

– Raspberry, pear and apple

– Strawberry and banana

– Mango and passionfruit

– Pineapple, coconut and banana

As you can see there are two I straight away avoided . . . yep me and my banana aversion lol. The first one I decided to try was the mango and passionfruit.

Served ice cold with a straw . . . just what you need when your sick!

I have to say this definitely gave me a great energy boost for the day and was really fruity and refreshing, even with a crafty hidden bit of banana! I think I got three of the glasses above from this 750ml bottle.

A couple of days later I was back in Tesco and had to pick up another of these yummy smoothies, not just because I knew it would do me good, but because I genuinely loved the flavour! This time I went for the raspberry, pear and apple, this most definitely was my favourite, I had it finished in one sitting!

A bonus with the design of this bottle is how appealing it looks! I’m forever losing or forgetting my reused plastic bottles, as soon as I spotted these bottles I knew straight away I would be reusing it as my water bottle for work. Looks good and is a large bottle, a prompt to try and drink more water.

So what makes this nutritionally so good/different from its other fruit juice/smoothie peers?

HPP, that’s what and here is Coldpress’ explanation of it . . .

‘With the exception of freshly squeezed formats, most juices and smoothies are heat pasteurised, a heavy handed approach for not only extending their shelf lives, but ensuring everything is safe to drink.

High pressure processing (HPP) encourages our special hexagonal shaped bottles to huddle together in small, snug batches before taking a dip in a high pressure (6000 bars to be precise!) cold water plunge pool, (4°C), an exhilarating dunk that enables each and every ingredient’s hard earned goodness to stay exactly where it’s needed, inside the juice.

‘Clever science’ ensures that the resulting pressure will kill any spoilage micro-organisms without damaging the all important tastes and nutrients.’

I would 100% recommend you go and try these smoothies for yourself and I will definitely have to keep my eye out for their juices, if they are anywhere as good as the smoothies I cannot wait to try them!

For more information on Coldpress Smoothies and to stay up to date . . .


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Gok-ing myself up

So learning to balance things and be more organised now I’m back to work has become a new way of life for me. Any time before the only organising or planning should I maybe say was to sort my lunch for the next day. But now to gain that extra time in bed in the morning and to get to bed sooner at night I take about 20 mins on a Sunday night (usually before Downton Abbey) to plan/organise my outfits for the week.


I mean how often do you lie in bed in the morning saying to yourself just 5 more minutes, I’ll get up when I figure out what I’m going to wear. Yup that was me, any excuse and nope I never could decide what to wear whilst I was lying in bed, so it was a total panic running around, trying to pick something out and get into the bathroom etc.

Now however that has all changed! I wake up, go into my brother’s room (he’s in oz so why not use his bed to help organise my wardrobe?!) pick up what I’m wearing and start my day, boy is it such less hassle and totally worth that 20mins on a Sunday night!


This was Week 1 which also included my outfits for Dublin and of course accessories, what’s the point in having all the jewellery that I have if I never get the chance to wear it!?

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

As I said in my previous blog I have been off sick with a throat infection, the one bonus to this was obviously not wearing the outfits so that is half the wardrobe sorted for next week already! 🙂

Another bonus I have found to doing this is seeing actually what clothes I do have, what clothes go together and what clothes I need to add to my wardrobe.  For example I REALLY need a new pair of jeggings, one that actually stay up! Trying to look after children and run around when you’re constantly trying to pull up your trousers is a total pain in the ass!!!!

Why not set the goal for yourself to do it for 1 month?

Believe me you won’t regret it and the more you do it the quicker you get at it!

Zane xxxx

today! Yup that was me,

Meet the new arrivals

Yes the Cocoa Brown family has expanded and I’m so happy I can finally tell you!

Tough stuff as you know has been out for a while but in sachet form (for clumsy me this has been a nightmare, the amount of times I’ve dropped it in the water), however it sold out completely in 2, yes 2 weeks!!! Anywho a massive WOO HOO Cocoa Brown have now released the tube version which will be on sale very soon! DON’T WORRY I SHALL KEEP YOU ALL UPDATED AS AND WHEN!

Or to keep up to date yourself, like Cocoa Brown on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/cocoabrowntan

Or follow them on Twitter – @CocoaBrownTan

The other new addition to the Cocoa Brown family is the CHOCOLATE WHIP OIL-FREE Body  Moisturiser which will be available in the next week or two. The sweet smelling moisturiser contains Panthenol and Vitamin E and is oil-free so it will maintain your Cocoa Brown tan, keeping it fresh and allowing it to fade naturally. A match made in beauty heaven!

This is one I CANNOT wait to try as they say great minds think alike and when I met Marissa I had said to her, “all you need now is to come up with a moisturiser” and well I had a sneaky peak of this little beauty on her phone! Yes shock horror friends and family I kept quiet and didn’t let slip this was on the way!

As an homage to my favourite beauty product, the one thing I could not live with out, the one beauty product that boosts my confidence about how I look and to the AMAZING Marissa Carter I decided to dedicate my nails to Cocoa Brown!  If I had had more time I would definitely had them a lot tidier, but as a last min, 10 minute jobby I am pretty pleased with them 🙂 But most importantly Marissa liked them, just a little thank you and well done for all the hard work she puts in to her brand and products and a CONGRATULATIONS on her two new upcoming launches!



I can’t wait to give you all my review on Cocoa Brown Chocolate WHIP! But before that I really should get my blog up on my review of the Night and Day tan, most definitely next on my list to write up!

Zane xxxx

When we went to Dublin . . .

It’s been so long since I have properly blogged and to be honest the only reason I’m doing it now is because I am in bed and feeling pants with a throat infection 😦 I HATE BEING SICK!  Truth be told my blog has been neglected, put to the side, slightly discarded I hate to say.  A bit like that friend you keep meaning to text or meet up with but just don’t get the chance.  Why? Not because I’m fed up with blogging, or that I can’t be bothered any more but for the simple fact of work and my social life getting in the way.  Being back at work and in a job I love is great, but boy is it tiring, not so much the hours but the shock to the system of being busy, having to use my brain and be on the go constantly, after being off sick for over a year let me tell you it’s definitely hard to get used to, but I will!  Alongside work there’s making time for my friends, family and of course Ryan so blog I apologise and to my followers and readers I also apologise!

So kind of mr blog just to rub it in, have a look at what Ryan and I got up to in September for our 4 year anniversary . . .

My amazing boyfriend Ryan booked us a wee B&B down in Dublin for the night, so we headed down on the train Friday and came home late on Saturday night, just in time to chill out with a movie and takeaway 🙂

This is a bit of a montage of us over the 4 years, it’s crazy to think we have been together that long, it only feels like yesterday we met, yet feels like we have been together forever! He truly is my soul mate, the one, my best friend, the love of my life, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, with hair and with no hair he has been there for me, he has seen me at my best and seen me at my worst and I am sooo lucky to have found him!

Ok enough of the lovey, dovey stuff lets get on to what we got up to down in Dublin!

Snaps on the train . . . a wee 2hr journey, thank goodness for modern technology and Netflix!

After dumping our bags off at the B&B and having a quick nosey around Penny’s we popped down to Temple Bar for some drinks.

Then there was a pretty minging dinner (Eddie Rockets was a total miss this time round!) we headed on a bit of a pub crawl

Which ended up back in Temple Bar and getting our faces painted . . . OMG was that glitter a nightmare to get off, I swear Ryan still had it in his hair and beard on the Monday after!!!

The next morning we did a little bit of sight seeing and wandering . . .

Then headed to the Guinness factory – I for some reason was fine, Ryan on the other hand was a little worse for wear!

We learnt how it was made and how to taste it properly

Then I (fresh as a daisy) went off to learn how to pull the PERFECT pint 🙂

And wa-la fully certified and I have to say that pint was the best pint of Guinness I have EVER tasted!!!

These are a few of my favourite pictures of our anniversary!


It was so good to get away, just the two of us!

I have even made a montage of the pics and made it my screensaver on my phone to remind myself of our time away! 🙂

Oh and how could I forget?! This has to be one of the strangest sights we have seen in a while! A beggar (perhaps homeless) with his cider and pet rabbit!

Zane xxxx