Meet the new arrivals

Yes the Cocoa Brown family has expanded and I’m so happy I can finally tell you!

Tough stuff as you know has been out for a while but in sachet form (for clumsy me this has been a nightmare, the amount of times I’ve dropped it in the water), however it sold out completely in 2, yes 2 weeks!!! Anywho a massive WOO HOO Cocoa Brown have now released the tube version which will be on sale very soon! DON’T WORRY I SHALL KEEP YOU ALL UPDATED AS AND WHEN!

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The other new addition to the Cocoa Brown family is the CHOCOLATE WHIP OIL-FREE Body  Moisturiser which will be available in the next week or two. The sweet smelling moisturiser contains Panthenol and Vitamin E and is oil-free so it will maintain your Cocoa Brown tan, keeping it fresh and allowing it to fade naturally. A match made in beauty heaven!

This is one I CANNOT wait to try as they say great minds think alike and when I met Marissa I had said to her, “all you need now is to come up with a moisturiser” and well I had a sneaky peak of this little beauty on her phone! Yes shock horror friends and family I kept quiet and didn’t let slip this was on the way!

As an homage to my favourite beauty product, the one thing I could not live with out, the one beauty product that boosts my confidence about how I look and to the AMAZING Marissa Carter I decided to dedicate my nails to Cocoa Brown!  If I had had more time I would definitely had them a lot tidier, but as a last min, 10 minute jobby I am pretty pleased with them 🙂 But most importantly Marissa liked them, just a little thank you and well done for all the hard work she puts in to her brand and products and a CONGRATULATIONS on her two new upcoming launches!



I can’t wait to give you all my review on Cocoa Brown Chocolate WHIP! But before that I really should get my blog up on my review of the Night and Day tan, most definitely next on my list to write up!

Zane xxxx

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