Playing it smoothe!

Is it just me or when you are sick . . . the sore throat, loaded with the cold kind of sick do you grab the first vitamin packed drink you can find? Yep tends to be the only time I do! Ask me what brands of smoothies out there I could probably name two, none before have really wowed me, never have I gone oooh that was nice I will definitely buy that again.  Well that was until now . . .


Two or three weeks ago, whilst slumping around my local Tesco, feeling like death I spotted these new drinks. What drew me to them first I would have to say was how they looked, I loved the bottle and the colours – stunning and all natural.  Secondly I have to say was the price, £1 off so they are selling at £2 a bottle – BARGAIN!

I had a nosey through the flavours to find a combination I liked, this is sometimes where smoothies hit a downfall for me, I can be so picky over the flavours I pick and I never go for one that advertises banana in the flavour, hidden in it when you read the instructions I can deal with but a predominate banana flavour is a no go!

The four new Coldpress smoothies which have been launched from left to right are . . .

– Raspberry, pear and apple

– Strawberry and banana

– Mango and passionfruit

– Pineapple, coconut and banana

As you can see there are two I straight away avoided . . . yep me and my banana aversion lol. The first one I decided to try was the mango and passionfruit.

Served ice cold with a straw . . . just what you need when your sick!

I have to say this definitely gave me a great energy boost for the day and was really fruity and refreshing, even with a crafty hidden bit of banana! I think I got three of the glasses above from this 750ml bottle.

A couple of days later I was back in Tesco and had to pick up another of these yummy smoothies, not just because I knew it would do me good, but because I genuinely loved the flavour! This time I went for the raspberry, pear and apple, this most definitely was my favourite, I had it finished in one sitting!

A bonus with the design of this bottle is how appealing it looks! I’m forever losing or forgetting my reused plastic bottles, as soon as I spotted these bottles I knew straight away I would be reusing it as my water bottle for work. Looks good and is a large bottle, a prompt to try and drink more water.

So what makes this nutritionally so good/different from its other fruit juice/smoothie peers?

HPP, that’s what and here is Coldpress’ explanation of it . . .

‘With the exception of freshly squeezed formats, most juices and smoothies are heat pasteurised, a heavy handed approach for not only extending their shelf lives, but ensuring everything is safe to drink.

High pressure processing (HPP) encourages our special hexagonal shaped bottles to huddle together in small, snug batches before taking a dip in a high pressure (6000 bars to be precise!) cold water plunge pool, (4°C), an exhilarating dunk that enables each and every ingredient’s hard earned goodness to stay exactly where it’s needed, inside the juice.

‘Clever science’ ensures that the resulting pressure will kill any spoilage micro-organisms without damaging the all important tastes and nutrients.’

I would 100% recommend you go and try these smoothies for yourself and I will definitely have to keep my eye out for their juices, if they are anywhere as good as the smoothies I cannot wait to try them!

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