It has to be said I LOVE jewellery! I have a full cabinet drawer, a large jewellery box, a basket of bangles, a rail of necklaces, a box of stud earrings and lots of other bits and bobs floating about my room.  According to Ryan I have to much and there is no need for me to be looking at, never mind buying anymore! Eh no chance lol

My new jewellery obsession (not that this stops me from buying any other item of jewellery) is the STATEMENT NECKLACE! I just love them, they go with any outfit and there are just so many to chose from at the minute.  I have too say Primark and Penneys have had some of my favourites, however they don’t have a website . . . I mean what is with that?! So I can’t show you any of my favourites from there but do take a look at some of these ones I have found online, all on my search for the perfect statement necklace for a wedding outfit.

Image 1 of New Look Limited Edition Sleek Geo Bib Necklace

New Look Limited Edition Sleek Geo Bib Necklace 


Oceanic Crystal Statement Necklace

Oceanic Crystal Statement Necklace by Anna Lou of London



Shourouk Primavera XL Necklace in Green


Black cord gem stone necklace


75K06GBLU_thumb (2)

Sparkle Drop Necklace


Spike Necklace

Spike Necklace


Tube and Multi Chain Drape Collar

Tube and Multi Chain Drape Collar



Ultimate Disco Collar Necklace



Baroque Perspex Flower Necklace



Princess Tiered Statement Necklace



Annoushka Statement Necklace



M&S Collection Jewel Embellished Diamanté Necklace



Large Delicate Geo Necklace


So tell me what’s your perfect statement necklace? Comment below and send me a link if you can 🙂

Zane xxxx

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