What a year it has been!


Recap 2013 – Part 4

October seen a lot of baking . . .

Charity baking – Marie Curie

At home baking and birthday baking

Ryan and I had date night and went to see Micky Flannagan – absolutely hilarious!!!

Ryan and I developed an addiction to Slim’s Kitchen – Healthy food and soooo tastey!

Good times with my bestie and her little ones

Celebrated my Wifey’s birthday!

Seen my first ever mini pumpkins in real life

Autumn began ^^^^^

Spent a fun filled day with my minis!!!

Carved my mini pumpkins

A lot of themed nail art

Halloween arrived

Halloween night spent dressed up with friends

Our friend’s Halloween Wedding

November began with puppy sitting

More charity cupcakes

Poppy appeal nail art and jewellery

Engagement party fondant cupcake toppers

Dinner date at my friend’s fab restaurant

Brunch date with Dad and Ryan at Harlem Belfast

The start of the Christmas/Continental Market

Up to the market with Mum, Ryan and friends

December started off with some Christmas cooking in work with the kids

Christmas Market fun with my bestie

Christmas crafting in work

Christmas baking

Drinks at the Continental/Christmas Market

A nativity play

Christmas nail art

Visiting family

Christmas dinners, with friends and work

The wifey getting a puppy!!!

Meet Alan . . .

Christmas Eve spent with my second family

With my bestie and her family

I was spoilt at Christmas

Christmas with family

Christmas dinner with family

And that is the end of my year . . .


2013 Recap – Part 3

July seen me spending time with friends and their kids

BBQ’s at friends

Nail art

Cocktail nights in

Baking – a special birthday cake for my favourite niece

My niece’s FIRST birthday

August was spent at my friend’s wedding

Taking my niece to the zoo for the first time with my bestie and her kids

I was invited to my first blogging event and met the lovely Marissa Cater at a gorgeous afternoon tea she planned for us all

Ryan and I went to Tennant’s Vital

I took Ryan away to Newcastle for a pamper, food and fun for his birthday

It was the gorgeous Miss Eva’s birthday

Nights out with my wifey

September seen me back to work but nights out with Ryan and a weekend away to Dublin with Ryan to celebrate our 4 year anniversary

Our Anniversary


A fantastic end to the Summer!


2013 Recap – Part 2

April was a crazy, brilliant month with soo much fitted into it!

There was a baby date! These two were so cute together, my wee niece and my friend’s little one!

My best friend’s mum got remarried

I made the wedding favours . . . mini bride and groom cupcakes

I found out more about The Danny Mills Heart Foundation and started supporting them

Ryan and I went to Amsterdam

Ryan and I absolutely loved Amsterdam and would return in a heartbeat! So many great memories from this holiday!!

I went for baby pink hair

Nail art for friends and family

Nail art for myself

First off was my friend Lauren and her other half Gary’s Wedding

I turned my hair lilac

I started my garden patch

I spent time with my bestie and her girls

I spent many days out with Ryan and he finally got me to climb Cave Hill

The BBQ season commenced

Plenty of nail art

I baked for special occasions

 In June I spent time with family

Celebrated my new job and my friend leaving hers for a new one too

I started my first day of work, from volunteer to worker

Lots of nail art

Long, hot, sunny days

Nights out with friends

Awh you have got to love those Summer nights!


2013 Recap – Part 1


This is just a wee recap of my year, the key points.  Usually I wouldn’t really bother doing this but Facebook this year did a kind of review thing, did anyone else notice? I have to say mine was pants, def a lot better things that happened to me that what they showed me!!! So a year is a LONG time, I haven’t left myself enough posts before the end of the year to have a post for each month so I have complied them into four parts with 3 months in each one.



January seen the start of this very blog, crazy to think on January 3rd my blog will be 1 year old!

I started off thinking yeah I’ll try this out, something to keep me occupied and train my brain back into the way of work again.  NEVER in a million years would I have dreamt I would have got the feedback and positivity I have from it and OMW the number of followers and visitors I have had, I can not thank you all enough!!

January seen me at Pilates – awh I miss it, the one form of exercise I really did enjoy!!

January seen me with naturally short hair – again I miss this too, but I am determined to have long hair again!!!

We had snowy days, ooo I hope we get some this January, I’m a big kid and love the snow!

I spent time with my gorgeous cousins!

I was doing my nail art . . . cringe  little at how bad they are!

I baked . . .

I started my gratitude things each day . . . training my emotional side too

My first ever taste of haggis . . . . yum yum

I started counselling, something that really helped me and such a lovely counsellor. And yeah a year on I still haven’t completed the rest of my cancer journey story, at the minute I have that boxed away, maybe one day I will go back to it . . .

This kinda goes for the whole year I found out who my real friends were, I lost some friends, ditched the drama and made friends and deeper friendships with some PRETTY AMAZING people!



February seen nights out with Ryan

Valentine’s Day

A trip to the Tayto Factory

Birthday fun

Lots of nail art

Love themed nails



In March I went for the purple/lilac hair

Nail art for friends

Nail art on my own nails

Baking of course


 This time for the kids where I was volunteering – Easter party

I lost my nana 😦 although for her it was the best, she had had dementia and Alzheimer’s and to be honest we had lost her a long time ago.  I know I am lucky now though to have her as my guardian angel!

I turned 27 on my birthday

Spent time with my gorgeous little cousin

Changed my hair to green

I wallpapered the kitchen (my first time)

So that’s the run down of the first three months of 2013, it’s crazy what all happens to you in such a short amount of time! I’m sure to this is only the half of it, the ones I have pictures of anyway!


Everyone loves a bargain!

Aviary Photo_130326374235431763


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So many items in the sales this year but these are definitely my top buys, perhaps I will win the lotto on Saturday and can maybe buy them myself! 🙂


On the twelfth day of Christmas –

On the twelfth and thirteenth day of Christmas I spent time with my family and ate, yup basically that was it, but isn’t that what Christmas is for?


Opening prezzies in the morning with Mum . . .

I was definitely one very lucky girl this Christmas, completely spoilt!!!

Starting off with one of these for breakie whilst trying to do one of the hardest jigsaws! Ryan got me a pug one for one of my prezzies.

As I was having Christmas dinner with Dad this year Mum and I settled on a fry for brunch, the butchers sausage and bacon were so filling we left loads on our plates!!

Then over to see my auntie, cousins and this little minx, so cute in her gorgeous dress for Christmas Day!

Followed by Christmas night and dinner with my Dad!

Yummy dinner had us stuffed!!!!

After a rest with our feet up watching Call The Midwife and Dr Who we tucked into the dessert I had made . . .


Coffee and caramel pie

A biscuit base with homemade coffee ice cream topped with homemade caramel


Boxing Day called for a long overdue lie in! A quick nip to the sales for Ryan and Mum, I was very proud of myself even with temptation I was good and did not spend . . . Kinda overspent on prezzies before Christmas so I have to behave if I want to have money to live off before the next pay day!

After chilling by the fire watching Christmas movies, well more Ryan than me, Mum and I made Christmas dinner.

My home grown Brussel sprouts (we also had these at Dad’s)


Luscious Christmas Dinner!

I had a great Christmas with part of my family . . . so many people and only one me so hopefully over the hols I will get a chance to catch up with the rest!!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!