Ooo can’t beat a bit of chocolate whip


At last I have the time to share this fab product review with you all! Cocoa Brown’s newest product Chocolate Whip moisturiser.


I first heard about Chocolate Whip back in the summer when Marissa herself showed me a picture of it on her phone.  She definitely kept us all waiting and I have been busting to try it!

Friday night pamper night had finally come around.


Step one of the process was definitely to exfoliate with the amazing Tough Stuff (which reminds me I need to invest in some more of this fab product).


Time to finally try out Chocolate Whip and boy did my skin need it! I’m terrible when it comes to bothering to keep my skin hydrated.


Ok so the picture doesn’t look great but it really does smell and feel luxurious.


I started off on my legs and they are always the first to be neglected.


I looked on the bottle, read it once and read it again and nothing was mentioned about Chocolate Whip being a tinted moisturiser but look what happened to my hand. I then decided to look and see if any other bloggers had also experienced this but alas I could find nothing.


Thankfully the orange hand wasn’t overly noticable and washed off after about a day, Tough Stuff I’m sure would have taken it of I had had any left. 


Just to be on the safe side I let the Chocolate Whip soak in and dry completely.  After about an hour I applied the Cocoa Brown 1hr tan. This went on with such ease, it seemed to just glide on, my skin was just that silky. It also seemed to develop better and most definitely lasted that bit longer.

I would 100% recommend Chocolate Whip even if you are not a tanner then use it alone for moisturising alone.

To find out more information from Cocoa Brown on Chocolate Whip then simply follow this link

Have you tried Chocolate Whip yet? What did you think of it, did you need to wear a glove like me?



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