Reading is dreaming with eyes open


This is the book I’m reading at the moment and so far I’ve fallen in love! So many things have spoken to me, related to me and really made me think. Dare I say shed a tear, but that’s Cecelia Ahern for you grabs you from the first page and sucks you in!

Just over half the way through and I don’t want to put it down, but tell that to my tired eyes who can’t focus on reading for enjoyment.  Alas it’s ended up more as a treat during the week, a night where I slip into a warm bubble bath and drift out of my own life.  For me this is the one place with no distractions somewhere I can just relax and disappear into a book.

I dont want to give the story away too much but filled with advice one of the main characters has read from self help books and reality biting them back in the bum this story so far is about showing a stranger the meaning of life and love, having a reason to live whilst searching for your own reasons not to give up.

I really hope the ending does not disappoint! I shall let you know what I thought when I finish.


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