My 2013 Christmas List

It’s the question every year isn’t it? Have you been naughty or nice?
Well I say I’ve been nice so to help that bf of mine who says he’s struggling with a few extra things to get me here is my top 10 Christmas gifts  . . .
1. The Cocoa Brown Luxury Gift Set – £19.99
2. Ruby Bijou Steam Punk heart necklace in either red, racing car green or burgundy – £16.99
Contact Linda for the above colour options
Butter London Nail Laquer
3. Butter London nail polish . . . any colour 🙂 – £14.00 (can also be bought in Avoca in Belfast)
 Betty and Walter Bolsteringly Soothing B...
4. Betty and Walter Bolsteringly Soothing Bath Salts – Boots – £6.00
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
5. Pink punch – Maybelline Baby lips – £2.99
Gold tone make me smile short necklace
6.  Gold tone make me smile, short necklace – River Island – £4.00
Binky London Nail Polish 12ml
7. Binky London Nail Polish – Grosvenor Gold – £4.95
Betty and Walter Itsy Bitsy Bubbly Bits
 8. Betsy and Walter Itsy Bitsy Bubbly Bits – Boots – £10.00
9. Cut out hexagon earrings – Topshop – £8.50
Joules Brilliant Bath Fizzes
10. Joules Brilliant Bath Fizzes – Boots – £6.00
I have to admit that was pretty hard to compile a list of ten things, perhaps as you get older you start to want less, or you have everything or perhaps presents don’t matter enough.  Well ok I’ve not 100% reached that final conclusion yet lol I’m still young and I still like prezzies!

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