On the third day of Christmas –

Finally we get to put up our Christmas tree! 10 days before Christmas, although I could swear it was always put it up 12 days before and take it down 12 days after, but mum is arguing this year that no it’s 10! But newho the tree is up! The pictures above though are a take two, when I came in, mum had started without me and I was not impressed, sliver and white themed, it was so cold looking!

So I took everything off and started again!

Adding a bit more colour I definitely think my decorating was better! Adding the red ornaments with the odd green one made the world of difference!

This tree is actually more mum’s tree that is always put up in our front room.

This was my tree last year, I decided I didn’t want (nor could I afford) a traditional Christmas tree last year so I went out to the garden and found some long twigs.  This year however my collection of ornaments has grown and really I need to get a tree.  Perhaps come payday I will shop around and treat myself to one!

Every year I try to buy a couple of decorations that I can keep and use when Ryan and I get a house and our own tree, have a look at my collection so far . . .


These are ones I have picked up usually in the sales after Christmas


Most I have picked up in Ikea, Donaghadee Garden Centre, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s


Very rarely do I buy my decorations at full price, I find they can be really expensive and usually not worth the crazy price put on them! So it’s a great idea to pick them up as you go along in the sales each year, that way you can add to your collection.


These however are really special old ones that remind me of my childhood.  They have either come off our own tree from when we were wee or off both of my grandparent’s trees. Yup I am MISS SENITMENTAL!


The best and always my favourite part of putting up the tree as a child was playing dress up in the tinsel and lights!

Good luck with getting your tree up! Any top tips?


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