On the fifth day of Christmas –


Get making some Christmas cards.  This year I don’t think I will have the time to make any cards unfortunately but have a look at the ones I made last year.  I had so much fun making them and they were so cheap and easy to do . . .

Ryan also gave me a hand last year . . .

As well as Ryan helping me, my little cousins wanted to make their own.  Sometimes I think children’s art and cards can be so much more special and personal!

So simple and easy to do and they don’t cost much either! I used –

White card – Poundland

Brown paper – Poundland

Wrapping paper – Ikea and other old paper I had in the house

Buttons – I bought mine off ebay and found ones in the sewing box

Glue gun – I bought mine for about £15 on ebay and it’s so handy

Felt – bought in Tesco

Glitter – Poundland

Ribbon – online and in a local wool shop

Pens and Markers

Googly eyes


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