On the sixth day of Christmas –

That’s right time to vamp up your nails! I know some of you guys prefer a normal polished nail or all your nails the one colour.  Depending on my mood and what time I have I am usually the same.  So when I am sticking to one colour I want it to be a stunner, something eye catching! So what better a way to vamp up your outfit than by painting your nails, especially your Christmas Party outfit!

I have sooo many polishes and all from different brands but my absolute favourite at the minute is Model’s Own (www.modelsownit.com)! An absolute bargain at £5 a bottle, great quality and a fantastic range of colours.  They regularly have a deal on their website that if you buy 5 polishes you save £5 so you are actually getting 5 polishes for £20, what a steal?!

All Nail Polishes

This Christmas they have THE BEST deal for you!

Save up to £59 on nail polish pick & mix - the more you buy, the more you save!

Now I have just copied this from my email so click this link to start shopping


This year I have to say I did behave and only invested in the 10 for the bargain price of £35 with 3 free gifts, let me show you what I ordered . . .

p.s. these are not my pictures as I am writing this in advance I have just ordered them


Jack Frost – Wonderland


I love this colour so Wintery (hoping I don’t actually have this colour already as I do have one that looks a little similar to it)

Valerian - Velvet Goth

Valerian – Velvet Goth


I love this colour with the top coat on it, I’m not so keen without it but I rarely paint my nails without a topcoat

Sardonyx - Velvet Goth

Sardonyx  – Velvet Goth


This is the colour I want to vamp up my Christmas Party outfit on Friday . . . LBD with sparkly red nails!!!

Champagne - Champagne

Champagne – Champagne


This was a colour I tried on up in the counter in boots, the photos really don’t do it justice

Utopia Nail Polish

Utopia Nail Polish


I had spotted this colour combination on another blog a few weeks ago and just had to order it myself

Pink Fizz - Glitter

Pink Fizz – Glitter


This is the other colour in the combination from the picture above

Jade Stone Nail Polish

Jade Stone Nail Polish


I’ve been looking for a polish this colour for ages so I just had to snap it up!

In The Navy Nail Polish

In The Navy Nail Polish


The perfect alternative to black

Nude Beige Nail Polish

Nude Beige Nail Polish


I’m always looking for a nude polish, I don’t think you can have too many!

Emerald Black - Beetlejuice

Emerald Black – Beetlejuice


I thought this effect looked cool


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