2013 Recap – Part 1


This is just a wee recap of my year, the key points.  Usually I wouldn’t really bother doing this but Facebook this year did a kind of review thing, did anyone else notice? I have to say mine was pants, def a lot better things that happened to me that what they showed me!!! So a year is a LONG time, I haven’t left myself enough posts before the end of the year to have a post for each month so I have complied them into four parts with 3 months in each one.



January seen the start of this very blog, crazy to think on January 3rd my blog will be 1 year old!

I started off thinking yeah I’ll try this out, something to keep me occupied and train my brain back into the way of work again.  NEVER in a million years would I have dreamt I would have got the feedback and positivity I have from it and OMW the number of followers and visitors I have had, I can not thank you all enough!!

January seen me at Pilates – awh I miss it, the one form of exercise I really did enjoy!!

January seen me with naturally short hair – again I miss this too, but I am determined to have long hair again!!!

We had snowy days, ooo I hope we get some this January, I’m a big kid and love the snow!

I spent time with my gorgeous cousins!

I was doing my nail art . . . cringe  little at how bad they are!

I baked . . .

I started my gratitude things each day . . . training my emotional side too

My first ever taste of haggis . . . . yum yum

I started counselling, something that really helped me and such a lovely counsellor. And yeah a year on I still haven’t completed the rest of my cancer journey story, at the minute I have that boxed away, maybe one day I will go back to it . . .

This kinda goes for the whole year I found out who my real friends were, I lost some friends, ditched the drama and made friends and deeper friendships with some PRETTY AMAZING people!



February seen nights out with Ryan

Valentine’s Day

A trip to the Tayto Factory

Birthday fun

Lots of nail art

Love themed nails



In March I went for the purple/lilac hair

Nail art for friends

Nail art on my own nails

Baking of course


 This time for the kids where I was volunteering – Easter party

I lost my nana 😦 although for her it was the best, she had had dementia and Alzheimer’s and to be honest we had lost her a long time ago.  I know I am lucky now though to have her as my guardian angel!

I turned 27 on my birthday

Spent time with my gorgeous little cousin

Changed my hair to green

I wallpapered the kitchen (my first time)

So that’s the run down of the first three months of 2013, it’s crazy what all happens to you in such a short amount of time! I’m sure to this is only the half of it, the ones I have pictures of anyway!



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