It’s all about Alan – My first day at school

Today was my first day at school, well, night at puppy training!

All excited mummy 1 and 2 brought me along, Zane for the driving and photo taking and Sarah for the actual training!

I made lots of new friends and lots of noise! Ollie, Smokey, Tia, Pilot and a couple of others who I didn’t catch their name.

First I learnt how to walk properly on my lead, on the left of mummy and on a short lead.  The teacher says she has to talk to me lots and say good things and of course lots of treats when I do good!

Next I learnt how to sit, I can actually already do this but the teacher did come over to mummy a couple of times because I wasn’t paying attention, I blame the other dogs they kept distracting me!

Lastly I learnt down (to lie down) I was REALLY good at this one, sometimes a bit too good because I got sooo sleepy! Being a puppy is hard work you know! The teacher tried to get me up a few times but it was ok because I think I was actually her favourite, she kept calling me the baby!

I had lots of fun at school, but boy was I tired, I even fell asleep on the way home but I did a great job! Mummy Zane is going to take me back next Tuesday and Mummy Sarah on Thursday.

I will be a pro in no time!


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