Why, oh why do i have to be skint?!?!

Ah the fab Not on the high street have a sale on! Great for those who have some Crimbo money to spend, but not for me who fully overspent at Christmas and been so good at not look at any sales, no temptation but of course I had to click a link and find this.  So maybe if I make a wish list of all the gorgeous things I love, perhaps my wish will come true?! Or at least I can share with you guys and you can treat yourselves!


Set Of Four Meaningful Words Bangles

Set of four Meaningful Words Bangles by Lisa Angel – £20


Mum actually bought me one of these bracelets for Christmas in rose gold and I love it!

Design Your Own Chunky Letter Necklace

Design your own Chunky Letter Necklace by J&S Jewellery – £14.40


I love this in the rose gold and it is always so hard for me to find a Z

Design Your Own Personalised Heart Necklace

Design your own Personalised Heart Necklace by J&S Jewellery – £14.40


I also love this necklace as an alternative to the one above

Personalised Dainty Heart Friendship Bracelet

Personalised Dainty Heart Friendship Bracelet by Lisa Angel – £9.80


I think this would be perfect for everyday and could be so personal and meaningful to you

Lucky Sixpence Necklace

Lucky Sixpence Necklace by Hersey Silversmiths – £28


Maybe it’s just me but I think everyone could use a good luck charm at times and I think this one is gorgeous

Heart Ring

Heart Ring by Junk Jewels – £7.20


Love the gold one

Retro camera iPhone case

Vintage Camera iPhone Case by Crank – £12.40


If I owned an iPhone I would definitely need to have this!

Perks Of Being A Wallflower Infinity Necklace

Perks of Being a Wallflower Infinity Necklace by Literary Emporium – £9.60


I’ve been dying for an infinity piece of jewellery for ages!!

Set Of Matt Gold Heart Charm Bangles

Set of Matt Gold Heart Charm Bangles by Lisa Angel – £11.20


I love how different this is and wouldn’t it just be gorgeous for the summer!

Alice In Wonderland Teapot Necklace

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Necklace by Literary Emporium – £9.60 


A child at heart I love Alice in Wonderland so of course I fell in love with this necklace

Dotty Blue Pure Wool Scarf

Dotty Blue Pure Wool Scarf by highland angel – £18.75


The perfect simple, yet stylish fashion accessory

Drink Me Silver And Ceramic Tea Cup Necklace

Drink Me Silver and Ceramic Tea Cup Necklace by Bug – £44


Another must have Alice in Wonderland piece of jewellery

Linen Glasses Case

Linen Glasses Case by The Contemporary Home – £8.00


If I actually didn’t need to wear my glasses all the time I would definitely be getting this!

'You Can't Buy…' Bag

‘You Can’t Buy . . .’ Bag by Green &Co – £8.40


This would be perfect for my wifey!

'I Belong With You' Lumineers Print

‘I Belong With You’ Lumineers Print by Oakdene Designs – £13.20


I think this looks just stunning and it’s the lyrics from a song I love!

Queen Of Cupcake Necklace

Queen of Cupcake Necklace by zamsoe – £20


Usually I’m not one who likes cupcake and baking things because I like to bake but I do love this necklace, I think it’s the measuring spoons and mixer!

Occident Bohemian Turquoise Earrings

Occident Bohemian Turquoise Earrings by Junk Jewels – £9.60


My favourite thing about this is the colour, absolutely stunning!!


Right that’s it, I have to stop this is killing me and there is so much I want and with such good bargains!

Why not pop over yourself and have a look!


2 thoughts on “Why, oh why do i have to be skint?!?!

  1. New background is amazing Zane, love flamingoes! And Not on the High Street is a dangerous website, could spend a fortune on it! The camera phone case is so funky, not that I have an iphone to put it on though lol x x

    1. Awh thanks Tara. Yes I totally fell in love! Flamingos are my favourite animals atm lol. No me neither with the iPhone they need to make these covers for other brands! Xx

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