Alan @ School

Week 2 for Alan at school and double trouble.  I took him to his Tuesday night class and Sarah and I took him to his Thursday night class. Already we can see a difference in his behaviour, he has learnt to sit really well, he’s getting better at the down command and I was shocked to see on Tuesday that when you go to give Alan a treat he gives you a paw! He is one smart cookie and Sarah has been teaching him well!  Alan has however started biting a little more and loves to chew his lead so something we need to work on.

Some pics of Alan at school with some of his new friends . . .

alan and lola

On Tuesday night Alan got himself a girl! Alan met Lola a Staffy pup, I think she was a bit to rough and playful for him, he was all excited to play with her until she jumped up on him and he became a little wimp bless him!

There were lots of new dogs on Thursday night . . .

There was also a big version of Alan called Arthur!

big alan

At the end I had lots of fun playing with my new friends, we all got a little hyper!

alans buddies

We will have him 100% trained in no time!


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