Monsoon haul

monsoon haul

Yesterday I had to nip to the local shopping centre to see about my phone, which has been driving me mad as it is playing up! So I decided randomly to check my bank balance and woo hoo I had more money than I thought I would have, isn’t it great when this happens!

So I decided I would pop into a few shops and try to find some sterling silver earrings to wear in my second piercing because wearing fashion ones 24/7 are starting to look a bit grubby.  Not finding anything in the first couple of shops I thought I would try Monsoon. That was definitely a good idea as I got some great bargains!!!


I ended up picking up 2 statement necklaces, a ring and a pair of earrings in the SALE!

necklace one

Statement necklace no1 – I was like a magpie and picked up this little beauty straight away, last one in the shop it was a steal with 70, yes 70% off!

That 70% sale made it £8.70 from £29.00!

An amazing discount of £20.30!!!

black sparkle statement

Unfortunately this necklace is out of stock on the website, but you may be lucky to still find one in the shops.

necklace two

Statement necklace no2 – I had spotted this necklace in the sale just after Christmas, but I was being good and resisting the sales.  Good thing I did because when I seen it the first time it was only 50% off, now it’s 70% off, sometimes restraint and patience works out.

That 70% sale made it £5.70 from £19.00!

An amazing discount of £13.30!!!

red statement

Unfortunately this necklace too is out of stock on the website, but you may be lucky to still find one in the shops.

ring one

The Ring – I really loved the colours in this ring, I think it will be perfect for Spring into Summer.  This ring was also in the 70% sale.

That 70% sale made it £4.20 from £14.00!

An amazing discount of £9.80!!


If you want to pick up this ring yourself head to your local Monsoon or click this link . . .,mon_27.1/4431180862

earrings 1

The earrings – You can never have too many sparkly stud earrings, they really do go with everything.  Originally a good price but even better with 50% off!

That 50% sale made it £3.00 from £6.00!

A great discount of £3.00!!

sparkle studs

Unfortunately there are none of these earrings left on the website.

earrnings 2

So I went in looking for small studs and there were none left in the sale or out on the shop floor.  However an assistant was able to help me out and looked out the back for me and came out with these gorgeous little turtles!

A bargain and £6, cute and tiny, just what I was after!

turtle earring

These are NEW STOCK, to pick up your own pair, click this link . . .,acc_2.4/5810139100

I think you will agree with my that my quick nip into Monsoon was a success!

Have you picked up any bargains in the Monsoon or Accessorize SALES?


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