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outfits of the week

How crazy last week’s blog about my wardrobe had some of my highest hits in ages! No doubt thanks to the retweets I received from Sainsbury’s and  Tesco so a big THANK YOU!  I also had great feedback from friends and followers so here I am, back again to show you this week’s wardrobe.


Monday –  I’ve picked a red dress (F&F for Tesco), a long grey cardigan (Zara), black tights (Primark), black quilted toe cap slipper shoes (River Island) and a statement black leather and gold necklace (Primark).

monday full

Here is the full outfit on – Sorry for the poses, I need to come up with some better ones!


Tuesday –  I’ve picked a black and white spotted shirt (Primark), a coral vest top (M&S), black jodhpurs (GOK for Sainsbury’s), black low heeled ankle boots (Tesco), my Casio watch (Casio), and my steampunk Lego man (Ruby Bijou).

tuesday full

My outfit altogether on.


Wednesday –  I’ve picked a navy leggings (Primark), a long sleeved cream top (River Island), chocolate brown vest top (Primark), chocolate brown flat boots (New Look), navy blue and grey body warmer (Primark), bear woollen hat (River Island) and my bottle green and cream hearts snood (River Island).

wednesday full

The full look


Thursday –  I’ve picked a patterned grey dress (Primark), a long black cardigan (Primark), white vest top (Primark), black leggings (Primark), grey suede slouch boots (Faith), black paten bow belt (Primark) and my scotty dog gold necklace (Accessorize).

thursday full

The full look (don’t really know if I like this to be honest with you) I shall wear it on Thursday and decided after then whether to keep the dress or ditch it.


Friday – I’ve picked denim jeggings (M&S), a bottle green shirt (Primark), bottle green vest top (Primark), long cream woollen cardigan (River Island), brown low heeled ankle boots (Sainsbury’s), long statement necklace (Primark), tiger ring (Primark) and my Casio watch (Casio).

friday full

The final look of the week altogether


And my coat of choice (Tesco) this week and actually for the past few weeks. I have mostly been living in this coat over the Winter as it’s warm, yet light and has a hood – all you need in the Winter really!

my wardrobe of the week

So that is my wardrobe of the week, all organised, longer in bed and it actually helps me see what clothes I have and what I need to by so I don’t just buy for the sake of it.

Thank you to my fab boyfriend Ryan for taking my pictures for me (I’m going to have to figure out how to set the camera up to do this myself or rope someone else in next week). I will definitely work on my poses and as the weeks go on, hopefully I will start to see a difference in my weight, time to lose it and then I will have to invest in lots of new outfits! 🙂

p.s to my friend Kerri, I hope you like the full look pics with me in the clothes!

I hope I have inspired you to go and plan your own wardrobe for the week, even if you can’t lie them out on your brother’s bed (while he is in Australia) put them on hangers and leave them in your wardrobe.
Links to the shops I have featured
 River Island   Sainsbury’s   F&F Tesco  Ruby Bijou
Accessorize   M&S   New Look    ZARA   Faith
To see last week’s wardrobe – https://mylifemyblogzane.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/look-inside-my-wardrobe/

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