January’s featured blogger


This month’s featured blogger is Sechy! Last year when I set off on my blogging journey she was the first blogger I followed and contacted.  I love her blog and I’m an avid follower of hers on twitter , instagram , Facebook ,  Bloglovin and of course by reading her blog Sechy’s Diary.


When I first read Sechy’s blog I thought she was a jet setting model, whereas she is actually a jet setting, gorgeous flight attendant who could easily be a model as she is stunning!  I think what has me hooked to this blog are the spectacular pictures, it’s like looking at a holiday guide mixed with a friends holiday snaps every time I read it, yet this isn’t a holiday for her it’s her life.  Alongside the pictures of her hometown of Queensland, Australia and the pictures from around the world I love her sense of style and fashion which she regularly shares. Her style and fashion tips are an inspiration, if only I could be as stylish and live in the gorgeous sun!  Reading Sechy’s blog is like escaping on holiday without having to move from your own surroundings, you are seeing the amazing scenery and at times it feels like you are people watching (but you will never get caught out) and you can imagine yourself sitting with Sechy having a coffee in the funky places she visits.


Hi Sechy, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview! 

So how long have you been blogging?

One year.

What brought you to blogging?

Curiosity really. I always wanted to have a blog where I could talk about my daily experiences travelling as a flight attendant. I started one about 5 years ago but cancelled it after a week as I became nervous putting my life out there. I started my blog last year because I just needed somewhere to vent all my creative inspirations and musings.

How would you describe your blog?

My blog is a personal blog that is just about things I’m experiencing, thinking or feeling at the time. Mostly travel and fashion, my two biggest passions in life. This year however, I am going to focus on being more conscious of my choices when consuming and attempt to buy only products that are ethically produced and document my experiences and findings.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Definitely the community. I love that I can jump on twitter or my blog and have conversations with people like myself. I think only people who blog can understand another blogger so it’s really nice to get the encouragement from others when you having a good or bad day.

What inspires you as a blogger?

As a blogger, I’m inspired by many different things. My surroundings, other bloggers. It all depends on the moment.

What has been your most popular post?

The most views I get  is on my ‘who is Sechy’ page. But as for regular posts, I was quite surprised when I had a look to find the answer as it was the one and only cooking post I have ever published, my quick and easy butter chicken! Since my blog is mostly travel and fashion, I find this quite funny. The second most popular post was my Bangkok photo diary. You can view them here :



Who are your favourite bloggers to follow/read?

Too many to mention. I mostly use Twitter and the word press reader to browse blogs and there are so many I have enjoyed this year. I read blogs more than I do magazines now. I prefer the personal touch of a blog.

Where do you blog?

I blog everywhere : at home in my bedroom, on the verandah, sitting on the front steps, in the park, in cafés, at the library, at airports…Lots of airports and in hotel rooms around the globe. I love to tweet and instagram updates instantly from everywhere though. It’s so much fun and probably my favorite social medium.
I’ve tweeted and instagrammed while on a desert safari in Dubai, vintage shopping in Los Angeles, wandering through Oxford St, London, the markets in Hong Kong as well as lots of sunrise pictures from my beach home on the Gold Coast, Australia.

So there you go, why I love Sechy’s Diary and an interview from the lovely Sechy herself. Now all you need to do is get over to her blog and start reading, to follow her on twitter, instagram, facebook and bloglovin!

Sechy’s Diary





Off you go, enjoy yourself and get swept away like I do!


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