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My latest inspiration board!  From time to time I go through my different trends, ok OBSESSIONS! A few on my inspiration board above I have had for a while and a few are new, let me share . . .


For ages I hunted for my ideal tartan scarf and finally before Christmas I found one I loved, which I’m sure you have seen in my weekly outfit blogs.  Recently however I have spotted more and more on the high street that I have fallen in love with and of course added to my wish list.

tartan scarf 2

Jayne Tartan Scarf Wrap – £12.00

tartan scarf 1

Lucy Tartan Tassle Trim Woven Scarf – £12.00

tartan scarf 3

I LOVE this scarf from Zara and in real life it is breath takingly stunning!  I think it must be sold out though as it is selling online between £50 and £80, CRAZY!


tartan converse

Continuing with the tartan theme I spotted a girl in a local café a few weeks ago wearing a tartan print converse style pump.  I have been searching online for them and so far these were the only ones I could find and of course these too are sold out! So if any of you guys spot them anywhere please do let me know!



Towards the end of last summer I was looking for retro sunglasses like this everywhere!  This summer you will definitely be able to spot me in a pair of stunning retro sunnies!

Brown tortoise shell round sunglasses – £13.00


It’s coming up to the time I need to change my specs, I am still loving my geek sheek so these gorgeous Osiris glasses from Specsavers are most definitely making my wish list.

OSIRIS B71 – £125.00


shuttlecock necklace

I love how different this necklace is and it’s stunning against a navy top (as you can see in the pic)

Shuttlecock necklace – £10.00


I definitely need to get one of these, as soon as I seen it, it reminded me of my Papa.  When we were younger my Papa bought my brother and I a harmonica for Christmas, much to the dismay of my Nana.  This would be perfect to wear as a memory of him!

(P.S. Sorry for the misspelling/typing error in the picture!)

Miniature Harmonica Necklace – £15.00

coca cola

Love this wee retro coke bottle top necklace!

Coca Cola Bottle Cap Necklace – £8.50


Any of my friends and family will tell you how photo obsessed I am, so this necklace is so me!

Vintage 3D Camera Necklace – £20.00

zip necklace

I have wanted one of these zip heart necklaces for ages, they are all stunning but I of course love the tartan and leopard print ones!

Zip Heart Necklace – £13.00

tartan hair scarf

This head scarf I fell in love with straight away! I can’t wait to invest!!!

Tartan hair scarf – £8.00


polka dress

I actually bought this dress a couple of weeks ago in River Island and I’ve decided to use it as my thinspiration dress!  It does fit me, but it’s still a bit tight so I will wear it when I have lost a few pounds and feel 100% comfortable and confident in it.

Navy Polka Dot Tea Dress – £25.00–t-shirt-dresses/Navy-polka-dot-tea-dress-650646

tartan legging

I also spotted these leggings in River Island, I think they would look gorgeous with a black jumper, my flat brown ankle boots and one of The Cardboard Mannequin necklaces from above.

Navy Tartan Leggings – £22.00–leggings/leggings/Navy-tartan-leggings-649139



Like I said in yesterday’s blog I love the whole ombre look, so why not do it yourself at home.  You can pick this up in any chemist or supermarket etc.  My link below is the first I found, perhaps not the cheapest, so shop around.

L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre – £6.63

in the navy

In the navy is one of my favourite colours at the minute from Models own!

In the navy – £5.00

Do you have any musthaves or inspiration? Share them with me and comment below 🙂


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