Saturday shopping haul


This past week I have just felt pants and ended up spending 3 days in bed due to this stupid infection I had.  However on Saturday I was feeling a lot better and decided to go up to down with my bestie for some food and light shopping, nothing too much just a wee dander as I still wasn’t 100%.  Boy did this unplanned trip turn out well, so many bargains!!!


First off I had to head over to St George’s Market as I needed this hair scarf by Sam Mercer!!! I had posted it yesterday on my inspiration board so it was first on my list!  I also picked up a gorgeous dragon fly print one for my friend.  The lovely Sam cheered me right up too, so friendly and chatty (the bestie was surprised when I said that was the first time I had met her and properly spoken to her) and she had a little prezzie for me a gorgeous leopard print and a little spotted button clip.  I really can’t wait to wear them!!

by Sam Mercer


Next up in St George’s Market I spotted this gorgeous bow hair clip and cute, funky ace of clubs earrings at the Stray Jewellery stand.  I had to invest! £4.50 for the bow clip and £1.50 for the cute little earrings.

Stray Jewellery


The weather was truly awful on Saturday wind and lashing ran so we made a dash to the closest shops and ended up in nails inc.  Ryan bought me some vouchers for Christmas so I wanted to see what new polishes they had in and if I could use my vouchers online as they are doing loads of deals this month (promotion codes, check out their Facebook page).

I had £40 of vouchers to spend and had to spend it all as they don’t give you any change etc and I also found out I had to spend my vouchers in store unfortunately. I say unfortunately as I was served by the most stuck up rude member of staff who I could see and hear slobbering about me to the other member of staff she was working with!


Anyway I was able to pick up the Monogram Manicure Set which was in the sale from £20 to £12, totally sold out on the website so I was lucky to pick it up.


To make my amount up to £40 I then decided to try out the new gel effect polishes, these were the two I loved the most as there was a purple and vibrant pink I liked the look of too.  The pink you can’t really go wrong with and the burgundy colour I had been looking for, for a while.  At £14 a bottle I am expecting big things from these polishes.

nails inc


Whilst looking into River Island I was really good and didn’t buy any new shoes, even though there were some gorgeous ones and sunglasses, but no I don’t need any new shoes at the min and well £2 earrings aren’t really going to break the bank are they? 🙂

River Island


Next up was accessorize, there were so many gorgeous new pieces in, but no we were only in to see what bargains we could find in the sale.  I managed to get these earrings and flower hair clips for under £5 instead of the original price of over £20 altogether.



Next up was a nip into Primark, I told Sarah she was not allowed to let me buy anything unless I could come up with 3 good reasons as to why I needed it, I can be terrible when it comes to Primark, buy all round me.  Luckily this time round there wasn’t actually that much that caught my eye apart from some jewellery and this little top.


I especially loved the back of it an it was a bargain at only £8, perfect for the summer months and even for now with a top below and a chunky knit carpet over the top.


The jewellery I was talking about, I loved the colour on this statement necklace so it was the first thing I had to pick up! I also have been looking for some midi rings for a while now so I invested in these little ones and then for the set of earrings, some aren’t actually from this pack and one is missing because Sarah and I done a little swapsies!



I have been looking for a new hat like this for ages but they were all so expensive, even in the sales I couldn’t find any reduced enough (I didn’t want to spend a fortune on one as I know I won’t wear it all the time so I wouldn’t get my moneys worth out of it). This however I loved, I spotted it in GAP, it fitted perfectly, it went with the outfit I was wearing and it was £7.99 from £22.99, total BARGAIN!



Final stop was Zara, my aim was to get some long sleeved tops and as I hadn’t seen any I was after anywhere else I thought I would try Zara.  A gorgeous grey chunky jumper from £29.99 down to £9.99, gorgeous colour, cut and a nice fit on, perfect!


I also picked up this thinner navy jumper in Zara, it was the gold zip down the back that really drew me to it.  The fact that it is navy too I think it will look perfect with a new tartan by Sam Mercer necklace I want to get.  This jumper was £7.99 from £19.99.



Ok so Zara didn’t end up being the last shop we went to! We remembered on the way home we needed to get a couple of things in Tesco, so when we popped in we had a look at the clothes and by pure fluke I spotted this 100% cashmere jumper in the sale down to £14 from £30.  I’ve never had a cashmere jumper before, usually because I couldn’t bring myself to part with a huge amount of money for a jumper so when I spotted this one at that price I had to grab it!


So as you can see my impromptu dander around the shops was triumphant lol. I only bought the things I needed, thinking back to my outfit planning I do every week, I only wanted to buy clothes I needed and ones that would go with the clothes I already have.


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