Alexa Chung inspiration

My latest nail designs are inspired by Alexa Chung but with my own slant on colours and using Model’s Own nail polish and of course doing them myself.

These are the nails Alexa posted to her Instagram account the other day and I just had to take a screen shot as I loved them!!  In my latest Model’s Own haul before Christmas I had bought a gorgeous navy blue but had yet to try it.  Stuck home from work, sick, with a kidney infection I needed something to try and distract from the pain and cheer me up, so I decided to recreate Alexa’s nails.

I started off with two coats of in the navy (one would have been fine, but I have a rose gold/glitter in my acrylics so needed two coats to cover this).  The polish just glided on with a fantastic coverage using only the smallest amount of polish on the brush and actually dried really quickly!

Next I used jade stone to make the flower shapes.  I chose this colour rather than the white as I had also bought this colour in the haul and had yet to use it.  To make these flowers I just used the nail polish brush to blob on five circles in a flower shape, the tip of the brush was the perfect shape, and again you don’t need much polish on the brush.

To fill in the centre of the flowers I chose lemon meringue – ice cream as it is a gorgeous pastel yellow.  Using an old piece of card (well my antibiotics box) I put a blob of the yellow polish onto it and then dipped a cocktail stick into it and then onto the nail to create the centre of the flower.

To seal in the colour and more importantly make my nails POP I applied the 3 – in – 1 base/ top/ and gloss coat, this is the first time I had used this as it came free with my haul due to the offer at the time.  I was really impressed, dries quickly and has a really high glossy, which actually lasts!!

So that’s it, step by step how to recreate Alexa’s nails.  Pretty easy huh?

It may still be January but I’m fully in the Spring mood with these cute and colourful daisy nails!

Why not try them out and show me by tagging me in your pic on instagram @zeejay86 I’d love to see them!!





Instagram – @modelsownofficial

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