Just a personal touch


Saturday night was one to celebrate! The engagement party for my lovely friend Charmaine and her fiancé Tom.  When I got the invite to the party I was like ah what do you buy someone as an engagement present? I had no idea, they had their own house so didn’t need something for there and like I have done before for friends I didn’t have the time to bake a cake for it.  So we all decided in work to pitch in some money for a joint present, with everyone coming up with a joint idea of a DATE NIGHT theme.


I decided that I would make a mini hamper for all our DATE NIGHT ideas to fit into.  This was so easy to do, buy covering a large shoe box with wrapping paper, then filling it with shredded tissue paper and of course all the goodies.


First off Nicola got two date night treats – a voucher for a local Italian restaurant Carlito’s and a voucher for the cinema Movieland.  The cinema tickets were put together in a popcorn box alongside a packet of share size munchies and some Metcalfe’s popcorn packets.


Next I decided to make my own chalkboard mugs, Mr and Mrs ones of course!

HOW TO . . .

– 1tbsp tiling grout

– 1 cup full of acrylic paint

*mix together and paint two layers


In this picture you can just about see a picture of the happy couple, this was in a book I made up and had printed using Photobox. The book was made up with love quotes and pictures of Tom and Charmaine.


Next up I made this cute and cheesy little combination of ‘the perfect match’ using a scented candle and a mini jar filled with matches (the bit you light the match with taped to the back), I had spotted this a while ago on Pinterest.


I used a couple more of the little jars to make up his and hers IOU’s and date night ideas, one to lift out every month for a year.


I handmade each of the tags using card, glue, wrapping paper, pens and string.


The final thing I made so they were fresh were his and hers/bride and groom cupcakesHandmade fondant icing bride and groom toppers with vanilla sponge cupcakes and vanilla bean butter icing, placed in their own, individual little box.


Once everything was ready and the goodies were in place I covered it with clear cellophane, tied it and topped it with a bow.

Something simple and easy to makePersonal and thoughtful (it even made the bride to be cry).  So why not make up your own personalised hamper for that someone special? It doesn’t have to break the bank, nor does it just have to be for an engagement present! Why not make one up for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s day?

Fill it with everything your loved one would need/enjoy.




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