It’s a Knockout


Last month I invested in some Liz Earle skin care products (note to self, I must get a blog up asap on this!) and ended up meeting the requirements for a deal they had on.  I can’t remember the exact deal but I received a bottle of Knockout red nail polish and a gold polish, alongside shower gel.

First off I tried the polish on my own nails. The colour was amazing, smoothe to put on, good coverage after just one coat and a perfect size and shaped brush.  As I have acrylic on my nails the colour didn’t chip (polish never does with the acrylic beneath), however I also painted my toes and up to 3 weeks later it is still on without a chip.  But don’t you find polish on your toe nails never really seems to chip.


To try them out properly and to see if it really does do what it says on the box (lasts up to 12days), I recruited my best friend and her natural nails to try them out.  She was really impressed with the colour, how quickly the polish dried and how shiny it was. The picture doesn’t do the shine justice.

day 1

After one day the colour was still vibrant with no chipping.


Day two, still looking good, no chipping

day 3

After three days the polish started to chip

day 4

After four days the polish was really chipped and the polish was taken off!

As good at the colour was and how well and easily it went on I’m afraid it didn’t do what it said on the bottle, to last up to 12 days.

‘Our fortifying, chip-resistant formula glides on to deliver a glossy coat of
even colour that lasts for up to 12 days. Enriched with avocado and borage oils,
our nail colour is easy to apply and helps to strengthen and protect nails
during wear. Free from toluene.’

Liz Earle

This would not however stop me from recommending it!  Many polishes will chip, that’s just the deal with natural nails and polish and is what everyone expects, let’s be honest.  However that aside this is a great polish, stunning colour, no need for a top coat due to the high gloss shine finishApplication is fantastic with the shape and size of the brush alongside how quickly it dries.

In my opinion and from my experience if you want to paint a polish onto your nails without them chipping then paint over acrylic, gel or shellac that you have had applied to them before hand.  This is what I always do when my acrylic overlays start to grow out and need disguised.

To invest in your own Liz Earle polish, there are some stunning shades, click the link below!






Have you tried Liz Earle polish? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below!


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