Hyper gel . . . The review


On Friday night I posted a slightly distraught post about attempting to paint my nails with my new Models Own hypergel polishes.  Well as you can see I finally got them finished, but after nearly 3, yes 3 hours!!!! Usually this design would take me 30-45 minutes max using a basic nail polish, but each layer of the hypergel took forever to dry and set!


A thin layer of the polish gave a good coverage, however you did need a second layer, especially on the cornflower gleam.


After waiting around 45 minutes for them to fully set (they were dry to the touch, but not set, if you brushed your finger over them the polish would move) I applied the second layer, again a thin layer. 

As a slightly obsessed polish user and wearer I know the speed at which your nails dry can depend on the heat of your hands (if my hands are cold my nails take ages to dry) and the heat of your surroundings, sometimes if your room is too hot this too will make a difference to the drying/setting time.


So after another odd 45 minutes or so of waiting and the polish STILL not setting I decided to try the old submerging into cold water trick.  This did help a good bit and the nails had finally set and dried for me to paint on my little hearts.


This was the picture I left you all with on Friday night.


And these are the final finish!

They may have taken an age to do but I have had so many compliments on them, many people thinking they were nail wraps!


These were the colours I picked for my sale haul and I love the colours, with lilac sheen being my absolute favourite!
From left to right the colours are; cerise shine, lilac sheen, turquoise gloss, cornflour gleam, white light and blue glint.


Here they are combined together individually on each nail.


And here is the final look.

To be honest with you I’m in two minds about this new polish. I am a big fan of Models Own polishes, amazing price, great quality, fast drying time, huge range of colours and gorgeous finishes, but hypergel has just not hit the mark with me this time round, pure and simply for the poor drying time.  Perhaps second time round and with more patience I may change my mind, but at the moment I am left totally undecided.

Have you tried this range of polishes? How did you find them? Was this just a one off for me? Or was I doing something wrong? I’d love to hear from you!

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