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westport woods total

This week was half term so Ryan and I decided to get away! We found a great deal on Living Social for the Westport Woods Hotel and Spa, a 2 night stay with breakfast, a glass of wine or beer on arrival, spa treatment or half-house horse riding excursion, afternoon scones and tea and a late check – 2pm all for £109 for the two of us!



About 5 min drive (max) from the centre of the town we reached our hotel after a 4 and a half hour drive from Belfast we were really pleased and looking forward to chilling out for the next couple of days!  We were great by really friendly and helpful staff who checked us in quickly, told us what was on offer to us and gave us directions up to our room.

For the décor and cleanness of the hotel we gave it **** – 4 STARS

For the staff we gave them ***** – 5 STARS



The largest picture above is from their website and the others of the room are my own.  We were pleasantly pleased with the size of our room and the layout.  The bathroom was a good size, had a large bath, powerful shower, and a large and well lit mirrored area.  We had two beds, one single and a double, a tv, hairdryer, safe, wardrobe, and trouser press.  The major downfall of our room was the fact that the double bed was as hard as a rock, you sat on it and there was no give, the carpet had more bounce and spring to it! Now the single bed was soft but we weren’t for attempting to share it or fight over it!  The tv was also supposed to have satellite, but our room didn’t have that, I’m not sure if it was because we had an older tv, unlike most of the other rooms (we noticed when we passed by and they were being cleaned that the other rooms had more modern flat screens) and pretty poor signal.  The walls were also pretty thin (kind of what you expect in a hotel) and unfortunately you could really hear the people in the other room and people running up and down the corridors late at night!  That alongside the power going off a few times on the second night, we were glad to be safe and sound in our room rather than out in the corridor or at worst in the lift!

For the room we gave it *** – 3 STARS


food at westport woods

We had one main meal, 2 breakfasts and the tea and scones in the hotel.



When we arrived on the Wednesday we decided after a while of just relaxing in our room that we would just stay in the hotel and eat as it had been a long day and a very long drive!  Rather than eating in the hotel’s restaurant we decided to eat in the hotel’s bar.  I went for the fish, chips and mushy peas, Ryan went for the chicken curry and we got a side of onion rings.  For drinks I had a coke and Ryan had a pint of tap water.  In total this came to 35 euros 20! Expensive for what it was, my chips were just ok, the fish was nice but way to greasy, when I lifted up that basket it was swimming in grease.  Ryan’s curry was very watery and the chicken was dry and over cooked.  The atmosphere, décor and staff were all top notch though, with the bar staff being very friendly and attentive!



After a very uncomfortable night and broken sleep we were looking forward to a nice breakfast to make up for it!  However we weren’t very impressed.  There was a good range of cereals, fruit and drinks however the drinks and milk were at room temp as they had been sitting out, the glasses and bowls were warm (they must have just come out of the dishwasher) which resulted in the drinks being warm and the cereal.  Maybe that’s just me being picky but I like my drinks and milk to be ice cold (I know this can’t really happen at a hotel) or at least cool!  As for the hot foods there was bacon, sausages, black and white pudding, cooked mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, ‘fried’ (I say fried but they were more like eggs that have just seen a flicker of heat) eggs and baked beans.  The bacon was mega salty, actually unbearable to eat, the sausages were ok, the black and white pudding were full of barley and didn’t taste nice, the mushrooms were hard, the eggs barely cooked.  Ryan said the beans were ok and neither of us had the tomatoes.  For the breads/toast there was a selection of fresh rolls, wheaten bread, sliced white bread, sliced brown bread and fruit scones.



Afternoon scones, were ok.  The scones were pretty hard on the outside but seemed fresh on the inside, Ryan however didn’t like them so left his and I would rather have had plain scones as I don’t like raisins.  There was no choice with the scones so I ended up picking out the raisins, again not impressed.

Overall for the food we gave them ** – 2 STARS



Because the weather had been so pants we decided that rather than do the horse riding as I had wanted to do we would go for a spa treatment.  Advertised on the Living Social deal was a half hour seaweed bath but when we arrived we were given the option of the seaweed bath, facial or neck, back and shoulder massage.  We both went for the massage and decided to book it for the Friday morning after breakfast, before we were heading home. Ryan was a gentleman an let me go first while he sat in the ‘relaxation’ area, as you can see from the pictures above there wasn’t much that was relaxing about this room, especially as the chairs were so hard, an uncomfortable shape and hard as they were wooden with no soft covering bar a blanket.  My massage was really nice but I would have preferred her to focus more on my neck and shoulders as that is where I carry most of my tension and where I would have the most pain.  Ryan however had an amazing massage where the girl focused on his neck and shoulders and even worked out the knots in his back – VERY JEALOUS!

Overall for the spa we gave it *** – 3 STARS 



On Thursday the weather was still pretty pants, at one point it was dry and windy and the next thing it was rain and hail! So we just chilled out and explored the town.


the wyatt

We spotted The Wyatt (hotel/bar) and straight away liked the look of the place and after having a nosey around the town we decided to have our lunch here.  I went for the Boston Sandwich, a prawn open sandwich on wheaten bread with salad and chips, this was yummy, bar the chips which I didn’t really eat, I don’t think Westport can do chips lol.  Ryan went for a healthy choice option of the menu and had cod, boiled potatoes and green beans which too was lovely!



This was one of our favourite shops in the town, with a wide range of American sweets, loose sweets, local treats, coffees, teas, wines, baking goods and kitchen equipment to name a few, I could easily have spent a fortune in here! The staff were so friendly and with a wide range of things to chose from we ended up buying coffee and fudge.



fancy food

On Thursday night after searching the internet we decided to try out Temptations Restaurant in the Mill Times Hotel.  We actually bumped into my friend on the way here who was staying in the hotel!  The food and staff here was incredible, I was so impressed and would by far go again and again and recommend the restaurant 110%!!!

First off was the homemade breads, a chilli bread and a brown bread with garlic olive oil or butter.

Next out came an aperitif of breaded fried blue cheese on a pear and mustard sauce.

For starters I went for the duck pate with toasted banana bread and a fruit jelly/relish (I can’t remember what kind)

For starters Ryan had turf smoked scallops, grapefruit salad, cauliflower puree and pea puree.

Next thing was a champagne sorbet pallet cleanser.

For his main Ryan went for the chicken breast, wrapped with Parma ham and a sage stuffing, black pudding and potato rostie with a mushroom and thyme sauce. (This also came with a side of new potatoes, carrot mash, cauliflower, broccoli and red cabbage).

I decided I would have two starters rather than a starter and a main as I wasn’t that hungry.  My second starter was the soup of the day – Tomato and Basil.


The next thing we had was some sort of date and coconut truffle/ball.

For dessert I had a deconstructed cheese cake, chocolate crumb, vanilla mousse, and sour berry compote.

Finally these little goodies came out, raspberry ice-cream hearts and chocolate and marshmallow fudge.

A truly amazing feed with some of the nicest food I have EVER eaten! Excellent service, couldn’t ask for anything more and at a fabulous price of under 46 euro!

mill times food

We loved our food in the Mill Times Hotel that we went back for more food the next day before we headed home.  Ryan went for cod with mashed potatoes and a side of veg and I went for the chicken and vegetable curry.  Once again amazing food and a great price at around 20euros!

I definitely think if we were to go back to Westport again we would stay in the Mill Times Hotel, the food and service just sold it for us and the great feedback from my friend who was staying there!




It was great to get away together for a few days as always and what a change than our usual half term.  Now to plan our Easter hols, where to go and what to do! 🙂



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