Look inside my wardrobe


So half term is over and it is Monday yet again so back to work . . . sigh.  I’m looking forward to seeing my wee kiddies again in work but ugh routine and sorting my clothes for work was a total drag, hence why my photos were taken in the dark.


Monday’s Outfit – navy jeggings (M&S), brown vest top (Primark), long sleeved cream top (River Island), navy body warmer (Primark), cream and green heart scarf (River Island) and my flat, brown ankle boots (New Look).


Tuesday’s Outfit – black jodhpurs (Gok Wan), black vest top (Primark), black and cream bird top (Primark), grey cardigan (River Island) and my black, low heeled boots (Office).


Wednesday’s Outfit – navy blue jodhpurs (Gok Wan), cream vest top (Primark), stripped blue and white top (Zara), light denim shirt (Dorothy Perkins), cream scarf (Primark) and my Converse trainers (Office).


Thursday’s Outfit – black jeggings (M&S), cream and black collared shirt (Primark), taupe and pearl jumper (M&S) and black shoes (River Island).


Friday’s Outfit – green jeggings (Tesco), cream shirt (Asda), green jumper (Primark) and brown low heeled ankle boots (TU for Sainsbury’s).


So that is my wardrobe of outfits for the week, well most of which are packed away in my suitcase.

I hope I have inspired you to go and plan your own wardrobe for the week, even if you can’t lie them out on your brother’s bed (while he is in Australia) put them on hangers and leave them in your wardrobe.

Links to the shops I have featured . . .

River Island       Sainsbury’s       Tesco       M&S      Asda

Primark       Zara       Office       Dorothy Perkins

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