Nails inc Monogram Manicure


I spotted this Monogram Manicure set when it was first launched by nails inc and straight away it went onto my wish list! Something so different and stunning and the first I’d seen like this.  So when I spotted it in the Christmas sales it was a must have!  Yeah I bought them in January, yet I didn’t use them until last week, well I wanted to wait to use them, not just waste them.  Valentines I thought would be the perfect time!


For Valentines I of course had to go for a red base coat of which I applied two layers.


The colour I picked was the special edition Kate Spade New York by nails inc.


Next I decided what words I would spell out on my nails using the decals/stickers – LOVE on my right and AMOUR on my left hand.


The stickers/decals were actually quite thick and good and sticky so you could apply them to your nails with ease.


The easiest way I found was to use a pair of tweezers.


The tweezers picked them up easily and made application more precise.


The letters fitted onto all my nails, but it was a bit of a squeeze on my little finger.  I think perhaps you would need long nails for these.


Once the letters were applied on the nails of each hand I sealed them with the top coat provided in the set


It seals the decals/stickers and leaves a glossy shine


I have to say I was really impressed at how easy these were to apply and how stunning they looked, I received so many compliments on them!


Just look how cool they look!  I have to say though they did only last about 3 days before some parts of the stickers came off, however this could be due to how I put them on, perhaps I didn’t seal them down enough but I look forward to trying them again.

Online unfortunately they are all sold out on their website, however you may find them elsewhere on the internet or in the nails inc stores themselves.  If you do spot them I would definitely pick a set up!

Nails inc

website –






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