My top beauty picks

top beauty

I decided to write this post to share with all of you my top beauty picks, i.e. my favourite makeup, skin care, perfume and tan.  I’m one of those nosey people who loves to see what other people like, use and recommend, so I thought to myself, why not share mine with you guys?



These are the top two foundations I wear everyday. Why two? Well I ended up buying the Revlon a shade too dark, so combine it with the lighter shade of the Rimmel to balance it out and create the perfect colour.


The Chanel black mascara is one of my favourites but this would be my luxury brand, or to be bought when on offer.


My cheaper mascara option which I love is the Pump up booster by Miss Sporty.  I bought this just to try it out as it was cheap and an offer at the time and ended up being a total find!


This is one of the best concealers I have ever used.  Under my eyes tend to have a kind of blue tinge to them at times, rather than dark circles and this is the only concealer I have found that covers them.


For a while I was using a cream stick blusher until I received this one in a goodie bag last summer and love it, it blends in perfectly with my skin tone.


Getting to the stage where my eyebrows need tinted again or just topped up to be that little bit darker and more defined I always use this liquid eyebrow pen, it is fantastic!


I came across this liquid eyeliner in one of my Glossybox orders and it was amazing, easily applied and long lasting, you literally cannot go wrong with it.


These eyelash curlers also came in a Glossybox and are fantastic, pretty pricey, but most definitely worth it, within 10 seconds max you have perfectly curled lashes that last.


Strawberry Carmex is my top lip balm, works so well and the perfect shape to apply to your lips.


liz earle

I hate to admit but my mum was right, this is most definitely the best facial skin care for me.  Quick and easy to use, great results and gentle on my skin.

tough stuff

This for me is the BEST body scrub I have ever come across and used.  It even removes that stubborn fake tan to leave your skin naturally glowing and soft.

choc whip

My favourite body moisturiser, leaves my skin feeling like silk and dries in quickly, and don’t forget how great it smells!


As you all should know by now this is my favourite and No1 tan, the only one I will use, with instant and perfect results why would I ever swap?

dry shampoo

I’ve tried so many dry shampoos over the years but never have I found one as good as Batiste, even the really expensive brands do not compare and they are great that they come in a handy handbag size too.


This is most definitely the best brush for tackling my hair when it is still wet after I wash it, usually full of tats and tangles, this brush tames it with ease!


I have loads of perfumes, my room is coming down with them!  These however are my favorites, perhaps due to the fact the smell brings back good memories.  For example Lola by Marc Jacobs reminds me of Paris as that was the perfume I wore when Ryan and I went there a few years ago.





amor amor

There we have it my top beauty must haves!  There are so many places you can buy these products so I will just give you links to the brand’s website, but do just shop around for the best deals.

Rimmel     Revlon     Chanel     Miss Sporty     MUA     No7

Barry M     Be a Bombshell     Emite     Carmex     Liz Earle

Cocoa Brown     Batiste      Tangle Teezer      Marc Jacobs



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