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Last year I heard about this cool local business and actually bought my bestie a cookie, sent it to her in work and cheered her up on a LONG Monday!  For ages I had in the back of my mind, in my list of things I wanted to blog about to get a blog up about this fab business.  Finally getting round to it I even got an interview with Mr Andrew Buchanan the owner aka brains behind the business.


Well I supposed I should tell you all what Postatreat is!  Postatreat is a local business that delivers local sweet treats through your door, may it be home or work this is a delivery you will be on the edge of your seat to receive!


Postage – all first class postage

1 item – £2.70

2 items – £5.40

3 items – £8.10




This is Ted Jenson and he is the man behind all these yummy cookies!  With a range of mouth watering cookies at £3.00 each you can find out more about Ted here and more about the range cookies, prices and the chance to order your own here


The fudge is made by sisters Jenny, Cathy and Dorothy at Blackthorn Foods.  You can find out more about the girls and their family business here and more about their range of amazing fudges £3.50 each and the chance to order your own here


The handmade candy is made locally in Aunt Sandra’s, you find out more about these guys here and the array of £3.50 selections of sweet treats here


New to the Postatreat family are handmade chocolates by local company NiCho.  With a range of delux chocolates as you can see above and sizes (box of 6 £5.00 and box of 12 £10.00) you can order your own treats here


I was very lucky this weekend and had the opportunity to try some of these yummy treats as the lovely Andrew sent me out a couple of samples, yes I know, it’s a hard job, but really someone has to do it!:D


Saturday morning, having breakfast and I hear two thuds at the front door, yup the postman had arrived. Knowing what was coming I raced to the door and was greeted by these little goodies!  Arriving in a cute little box with the items inside wrapped up in tissue paper with a personalised message I felt so excited, a little present just for me!


A close up of my wrapped up treat with my personalised message


These were the goodies I received, a box of 6 mixed, local, handmade chocolates by NiCho and a Honeycomb and Chocolate fudge, again made locally by the girls I showed you above.


The first thing I tried was the fudge.  Now I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of fudge but looked forward to trying this flavour combination.

This fudge was delicious, not too sweet, lovely and creamy and just melted in your mouth.  The flavour combination I loved, I expected there to be pieces of honeycomb in the fudge but you really didn’t need it there they had the taste no probs.  This one I had to make sure to let my mum taste as she is a fudge fan and dad told me to make sure to keep him some, I know he wont be disappointed!

Sunday night consisted of me sitting in front of the fire, Call the Midwife on the TV, cup of tea in hand and my box of chocolates to make my way through.


Here is a bit of a better pic, well clearer pic of these luxury chocolates.


Seriously these chocolates were amazing! I loved the flavours and I could literally taste the luxury of them! So let me tell you what they were, or what I think they were (unfortunately you don’t get a ‘menu’ as my bro and I call it, to tell you what each chocolate is, luckily for me there weren’t any I didn’t like). Starting at the top left hand picture and going clockwise there was – dark chocolate and coffee, milk chocolate with a nutty chocolate centre and a almond in the centre, white chocolate caramel, milk chocolate with a ganache/truffle centre, dark, bitter chocolate with a ganache/truffle filling and finally white chocolate with a coconut truffle style filling (this was my favourite).

OMW these were amazing, so yummy and fantastic that they are all local, doing my bit for Northern Ireland businesses.  Enough about me let’s here from the man himself Andrew . . .


Who is behind the business?

PostaTreat was founded by myself, Andrew Buchanan. Day to day I run a small Graphic Design business called No12 Design, so I was able to design the website, logo, stickers, promo cards, flyers, packaging etc. My wife Claire encouraged and supported me throughout the whole process!



How many staff do you have?

We currently have 3 staff including myself.  Between us we source products, work on packing and posting, update the design, maintain and monitor the website and work on customer service too!  We currently have one member of staff dedicated to setting up more social channels for the business.

How did you come up with this ingenious idea/why did you start the business?

I have always been interested in other online companies such as Moonpig and Graze.  My wife claims that I have more creative ideas than anyone she knows, most of them crazy, but this one workable!  Her love of baking sparked the idea in my mind and so, Postatreat was born.  I don’t know of any other competitors in Northern Ireland but there are a few in the UK.  In our early research stages we noticed that they don’t specialise in handmade produce and therefore we decided to make that a priority.  Northern Irish people’s love of traybakes and treats makes this an appealing feature of the business. Using local suppliers means that we get to meet the makers of all of the products on the PostaTreat website and can give customers the story behind each of our handmade treats.

How long have you been in business?

We started the business in June 2012

What is your most popular treat?

Honeycomb Fudge and the M&M Cookies.  Unbeatable!


Honeycomb and chocolate fudge


M&M cookie

What is your most popular time of the year?

We have experienced sales at a consistent rate to date without any calendar event promos. We are hoping to invest in some radio advertising and mail shots to inform current and potential customers about our service and range of handmade products.

Where do you post to?

Currently it’s anywhere within N.Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Where has been the furthest place you have posted to?

We have sent some treats out to the British Forces serving overseas! Obviously, locations are confidential, but this unique BFO postal service allows treats to reach some of the people who deserve them most, when they are far beyond British shores.

Do you cater for those with nut/gluten/dairy allergies?

When the business began, we had a gluten free brownie available to order.  It wasn’t handmade and there was very little demand for it so we took the decision to discontinue the range.  We love to hear feedback from current and potential customers as to their preferences and needs from our products, so get in touch if you have a special request and we will do our best to accommodate it!

What made you choose the local suppliers that you have, i.e Aunt Sandra’s etc?

We want to support local businesses who in turn support us and help meet our specific needs.  With regular visits to suppliers and face to face contact we have built up excellent relationships with all of our suppliers.  The beauty of working with local suppliers means that we know so much more about our products and, having witnessed baking and hand making processes, we have every confidence in the treats our customers receive in their letterboxes.  Yum!


What does the future hold for PostaTreat?

We are currently working on expanding our range of treats.  We love to hear people’s ideas and what they want.  We are excited about our new range of handmade chocolates made in Belfast by NiCho Choolcates based in Belfast. They use only the finest Couverture chocolate-the highest grade of chocolate there is.  We think this new treat is great timing as they’ll be LOVED by Mum’s for Mother’s Day treats this year.  Not forgetting anytime chocolate treats for any other time of year! We want to grow our online presence through social media, giving insight into our handmade treats, treat recipes, fun YouTube video ads and competition giveaways. So be sure to follow us to check them out!

We hope to go from strength to strength with our service and products and be known as an approachable, friendly, reliable and excellent local business!

A massive thank you to Andrew for taking the time to answer my interview questions so thoroughly and of course for sending me some AMAZING treats!!!





instagram – @postatreatuk




Or my birthday is March 20th so yeah feel free to contact Postatreat to send me something nice lol I’m sure they can add the address bit in for you hehe



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