Yesterday was international women’s day so I thought I would share with you my top ten inspirational women


My most inspirational woman musician has to be Beyonce.  She’s one of my favourite female musicians, she an inspiring role model, fantastic singer, gorgeous woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter and friend.  I seen her live a few years ago and one of the most amazing acts i have ever seen live and even more stunning in real life!


Sandra Bullock is my favourite and most inspirational actress.  I love all her films and she is one of the most amazing actresses, she’s stunning and seems so normal.  She is a fantastic mother and shows how the only man she needs in her life is her little boy, she won’t let a man screw her around!


My favourite and most inspirational writer/author is Cecelia Ahern.  I have loved all her books and she is an amazing writer.  For a non reader to get into reading and actually enjoy it is a big thing and it was Cecelia who’s writing and books did this to me.


My favourite and most inspiring character in a book/film has to be Bridget Jones, she is every woman and someone every woman wants to be and can relate to.  She’s far from perfect but it’s without a doubt Bridget who you love over all the Mr Darcy’s and Mr Cleavers!


My most inspirational business woman is Marissa Carter. Mother and business woman she is slowly but surely taking over the beauty world! So friendly and down to earth Marissa deserves all the success she receives, working so hard and making local bloggers feel like part of her Cocoa Brown family she is definitely an inspiration!


My favourite and most inspirational DJ is Sara Cox, i find her so funny and charismatic, I could listen to her all day. I love her taste in music and how normal she is, she has been at her job for years and is still successful.


My most inspirational cook is Nigella Lawson, she never fails to deliver, with such a variety of recipes which are full proof she is your normal girl.  She loves food, she loves to eat, she looks good, she looks bad, her weight goes up, her weight goes down, like every other woman, you can relate to her and she is so inspiring.


Sechy is my most inspirational blogger.  I love reading her blog, she is so easy to relate to.  Her blog was one of the first I ever read and one of the first bloggers I ever spoke to and received advice from.  Both Sechy and her blog are such an inspiration to me.


Cherry Healey is my top jouralist I love all her documentaries and find her passion and success inspirational.  With out a fail anything I watch or read of her’s I love and find so honest.


Holly Willoughby is one of my favourite and inspirational presenters, I love her on This Morning, I love her personality, her style and her sense of humour.  Watching her each day and in anything she does you can she how sincere, down to earth and normal she is.

I found it so hard to chose just one person for some of these categories so my runners up are:

MUSICIAN – Katy Perry

ACTRESS – Julia Roberts

AUTHOR – Helen Fielding

DJ – Fearne Cotton

COOK – Lorraine Pascale

JOURNALIST – Dawn O’Porter




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