Something different

I had a great day on Saturday meeting up with the lovely Katherine from Action Cancer.  I met up with her at Action Cancer’s flagship store on the Lisburn Road, Belfast, Something Different.

I have probably passed this store loads of times, but never once noticed it. However with the revamp the store has I’m sure no one will be ignoring it in the future!  Entering the store it was like no charity shop I had ever been in before, it was more of a boutique, very fitting for the Lisburn Road! Just see for yourself . . .


The dressing table with all sorts of jewellery and accessories

The music area, including some vintage record collections

The shop also has a large section of books

The till area where you can buy your fab finds or donate items yourself

These are just some of the pictures from the store’s Facebook page, but I hope to get back up myself to get more pictures and show you more!

Now does that look like your regular charity shop? I was so impressed when I entered the shop, like I said looking more like a boutique than a charity shop or a vintage shop without the fusty smell or overpriced items!  Everything is sectioned and set up so well that you don’t have to go in ready to hunt through tit and tat as that has all been done for you.  Something different is all about The Pre Loved Collection, the items have all be sorted for you.  Don’t worry though if you have donated or are donating the clothes that perhaps don’t fit the theme of this store are not put to waste or thrown away but are send onto the other/regular Action Cancer stores.

I honestly think I could spend all day looking through all the gorgeous items in the store.  I did spot one dress straight away that I just had to have, I fell in love with it, my new thinspiration dress as it was a size smaller than I am, but I just had to have it!

Stunning isn’t it and I was even more shocked and impressed at the price! £12.50, yes seriously! Looks like a vintage boutique but with charity shop prices.  There was also an absolutely stunning wedding dress that was only £85!!

Katherine was also lovely enough to give me one of their shoppers.

It was great meeting up with Katherine and building some new connections.  I have wanted to support a cancer charity and give back for a while but couldn’t decide on how or what I wanted to do.  Having had cancer myself and getting through it I personally know how important these charities are, the support the provide sufferers and the aid to research they can give.  What I like so much about this charity is that it isn’t really massive, it’s local and I have received help from it.  Everything can still be a little too close to home and fundraising can be so hard as it always seems there is someone raising money for something and you always seem to pester people.  So I will be looking forward to working with Katherine and Action Cancer promoting their stores and events!  You don’t need to run a mile or bake a cake to do your bit for the charity, you just need to go into the shop and either donate your items or treat yourself, I mean what better excuse to shop? You are simply doing your bit for the charity, buying that new dress is your good deed!

The first event I will be attending and reporting back on is The Pre Loved Collection’s Show at Belfast Fashion Week.  This will be my first time at fashion week and what a great reason to be there for!  Katherine was able to give me a sneak peak at some of the items for the catwalk and they were stunning, all a very vintage theme.  The photo above was from their shoot for the launch of Fashion Week and would you ever thing that stunning look was all source from Pre Loved Clothes donated to Action Cancer?! Second hand clothing can look AMAZING!

I’m so excited for the night and will fill you in on every detail of the big event as soon as I have it!

In the mean time why don’t you check them out for yourself:


168 Lisburn Road




Twitter – @actioncancer




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