Spring Spots


Today’s blog is a tutorial on how to create your own Spring Spots nail art.


Start off with your base colour, I have acrylics on mine so I just painted a layer of clear polish to seal them.


Next up I chose what polishes I wanted to use, I decided to go with pastel colours.


I don’t have any tools for making the size of dots I wanted, not too big but bigger than those a tooth pick will. So I ended up using an ear bud and removing the white bud bit so you are left with the stick.  But if you have a dotter or something different use it.


Using a surface you don’t mind getting polish on (I use the lid of my nail polish box) place a blob of the polish.


Dip your ‘dotter’ in and then create the dots/spots you want on your nails.


Like this. Complete this with all the colours you want to use all over each nail.


Your nails should then look like this. It doesn’t matter if you have gaps in the colour of the dots overlap.  I decided to do a full nail on my ring finger and enough to hide the regrowth on my other nails.


Using my black and white nail art pens I painted random small spots in the middle of most of the dots.


Complete this on all your nails and leave to dry.


Once dry paint a coat of clear polish to seal it and make it POP!


And this is the finished look. Super easy and a great look for this season!

If you create this look let me see!

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