Luck of the Irish


Monday 17th March, aka St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching so it’s time to find that little bit of Irish in you and get out and celebrate.  And hey what better excuse than this to change your nails and go for some nail art?!


This blog will show you how to create your own St Paddy’s day nails . . . so simple and easy! You can go for the look above or pick one of the ideas/nails and go with that, either on all your nails or as a feature nail.


First off paint your base colour on your nails, I went for white and green.


Next I used my green nail art pen and with the brush end painted vertical stripes.


On my ring finger I went for a bit of blog and painted a coat of green glitter polish over the green.


Now for the shamrocks.  Using the technique I have shown you before for painting small hearts using a tooth pick or a dotter (two dots at the top then dragged down to the centre) you want to paint 3 hearts, like you can see in the picture, one and the top and two beneath on either side.  Joining together in the centre of the three hearts you can then paint a small stalk.


I haven’t joined this one together because I wanted to show you how I made the overall shamrock, you too can leave them apart if you want.  You’re the artist so you decide.


I then filled the nail with random shamrocks and pieces of them where I could fit them in.


I then decided I would use the different shades of green to do a dotted nail.


Using the same shamrock technique I painted a larger shamrock with a dark green polish on my thumb.  The toothpick/dotter was too small to do this so I just used the tip of the nail polish brush.


Once dry and set seal them and make them POP with a clear nail polish/top coat.


There you go, simple and easy and how cool is my shamrock lolly from local company Aunt Sandra’s . . . can’t wait to eat this on Monday!

For any more info or if you want to know any of the products I used please just leave a comment.


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