The differnce a year makes . . .


1 year older and what a difference that makes! So going for the birthday theme and 28 I have come up with 28 differences a year has made  . . .

1. My hair has got long! – OK not long to some people but to me this is long, I can now plait it! 🙂 Just look at the pics at how much it has grown, even though I miss my short purple hair I want long hair again!

2. I have gained new friends, strengthened relationships and ditched those people who just aren’t good for my happiness!

3. I have a job that I love! Workmates that are a fabulous team and that I love working with! Every day is different I am busy and it’s 100% the career I want to be in.

4. My eyesight has got worse lol yup one step closer to getting that pet dog I have always wanted, but could you class a French bulldog or Pug as a guide dog?

5. 98% of the time I am happy and for that other 2% I have realised it’s ok to be sad.

6. I am finally taking charge of my body again after chemo possessed it.

7. I am now over 2 years in remission.

8. I have fallen head over heels in love with my blog, it is my baby! In my free time I blog, I juggle my work, my life and my blog, I am happy and determined and I want to go further with it!

9. I have another piercing (my ears lol)

10. I have met some fabulous new people and been to some amazing events!

11. I have improved my cupcake decorating skills

12. I am reading more and enjoying it

13. I have started saving . . . probably the first time in my life, but don’t worry I’m not getting old yet I spent my savings on nothing sensible

14. I am now 3 years away from the horrible 25 year (cancer year . . . blah!)

15. I have been to Amsterdam and fallen in love with the city

16. I have been to 4 weddings since my 27th birthday

17. I have become mummy number 2 to Alan (my wife’s Alsatian)

18. I have seen my gorgeous little niece turn 1.

19. I have seen my ‘baby’ cousins turn 10!!!! Now that makes me feel old!

20. I have ditched the wigs in favour for my own hair

21. I have only been drunk once, yes once this year!!!

22. I have had my first ever seaweed bath

23. I have seen The Foo Fighters

24. I have met some amazing bloggers who have been such an inspiration

25. I have been involved in research into Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

26. I have had an amazing year and loads of fun adventures with my gorgeous boyfriend!

27. I have been tutoring and loving it!

28. I have 1010% become more organised . . . but not less scatty!

Yes I’m now only 2 years off becoming 30 but hey I don’t look it, I certainly don’t act or look it, I like the number 28 and I think this will be a good year for me!


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