April’s Instagram Roundup


Wow how can April be gone already?! Once again another month has totally flown in, lots of ups and one major down but I am focusing on all the ups, the time with friends and family and trips out around my gorgeous country.  I definitely took millions of pictures over this month, so many opportunities and fantastic views.  Let me share with you my instagram roundup for April 2014.




This month once again has shown me just how quickly things can change and how quickly your life has been turned upside down, but you know what, the one thing that never and will NEVER change is the relationships I have with my girlies.  Men may come and go and life will change and at times slap you in the face but my girls and our friendships and love for each other will NEVER change!  For all my besties who have been amazing and there for me without doubt thank you I love you! For those friends who perhaps I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while but contacted me to see I was ok or to share their love and positive words thank you, you will never know how much that meant to me! And finally to my followers thank you and those who took the time to contact me and share their stories I appreciate it so much I can not even explain!

April as much as I enjoyed you I am looking forward to you being over and moving on to a new clean and empty month with lots of fun and pictures with friends and family to fill it up with!

Goodbye April



April’s featured blogger


This month’s featured blogger is my best friend Christine aka Queeniejbhair.  The fact that she is my bestie isn’t the reason why I have featured her but because I love her blog and style, she was actually one of the people who got me in to blogging.  Originally she had been blogging under the name of Fashion Floozy and blogged about loads of different things but mostly fashion and beauty.  After a while Christine decided to stop with the Fashion Floozy, she was busy with life, family and her career and had just lost the blogging bug, but I am happy to say she has returned with her main passion . . . hair.


Christine started hair dressing at college in September 2012, started in her current salon in 2013 and has just finished and qualified from her course at college.  She is a junior in the salon and has her own clients, I am so proud of her following her dream and constantly improving through training with Jacqui and creating so many fab hair styles. Her blog follows her through all her training and the advances and achievements she has made and is making, with loads of pictures of the gorgeous hair styles.



So how long have you been blogging?

I started to blog two years ago when I was off on maternity leave with my second daughter.

What brought you to blogging?

I started blogging as a hobby and something to do that was mine.  As I was on maternity leave I didn’t have the opportunity to have regular contact with other peers to discuss things as me Christine ,not as wife or mother. I have made many friends through blogging and social media through blogging.

How would you describe your blog?

My original blog Fashion Floozy is a fashion and makeup blog with loads of product reviews and nail art.

My second blog Queeniejbhair is all about my life and life as a trainee hairdresser.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Hair!  You will never do the same thing twice with hair. I love up styles and colours, and most of all I love learning new techniques and styles.


What inspires you as a blogger?

I’m inspired by everything.  My colleagues in work, pictures in magazines and TV shows.  I ask my boss Jacqui different scenarios and how to achieve a particular look or colour.


What has been your most popular post(s)?

Fashion Floozy was my Jubilee Lust List http://www.fashionfloozy.co.uk/2012/05/jubilee-lust-list-but-im-avoiding-flags.html

Queeniejbhair was yesterday and today http://queeniejbhair.wordpress.com/2014/03/15/yesterday-and-today/

Who are your favourite bloggers to follow/read?

My top four blogs/bloggers are:

  1. https://mylifemyblogzane.wordpress.com/
  2. http://www.fashioninflux.co.uk/
  3. http://www.schoolgatestyle.com/
  4. http://www.bigfashionista.co.uk/

Where do you blog?

I blog at www.fashionfloozy.co.uk and http://queeniejbhair.wordpress.com/



 Christine’s Fashion Floozy blog – http://www.fashionfloozy.co.uk/

Christine’s Queenie JB hair blog – http://queeniejbhair.wordpress.com/

facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/queeniejbhair?fref=ts

twitter – https://twitter.com/queeniejbhair

instagram – @queeniejbhair

So go and check out her blogs, I hope you will love them as much as I do!


Back to work wardrobe

After a lovely yet crazy and mixed 2 weeks off for Easter it is finally time to head back to work. The wee bro returns from Oz tomorrow so unfortunately I have lost the second room to layout and sort all my clothes. I took the head staggers yesterday and decided to do a big Spring clean, I tidied my room, threw out old clothes, filled three bags for charity and made a drawer for the clothes I will fit back into. Finally once I was started I had time to plan my week’s outfits.

Monday’s outfit – patterned trousers (Primark), cream and sequence top (River Island), denim shirt (Primark), brown flip flops (Primark) and a long blue stone necklace (Primark).

Tuesday’s outfit – floral print leggings (River Island), cream vest top (Primark), coral top (River Island), converse style trainers (TU for Sainsbury’s) and a statement necklace (Primark).

Wednesday’s outfit – 3/4 length leggings (TU for Sainsbury’s), black vest top (Primark), lime top (F&F for Tesco), statement necklace and flip flops (Havanians).

Thursday’s outfit – navy jodhpurs (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), cream vest top (Primark), denim print top (Primark), mint green necklace (Primark) and denim pumps (TU for Sainsbury’s).

Friday’s outfit – blue printed dress (Primark), black leggings (Primark), denim shirt (Primark) and blue sandals (Primark).

Like I said my brother is home today so I’m having to keep my clothes in my own room, not as spread out as usual, but it will do the job.




Simple Sunday


I had every intention today to blog but yet again life got in the way and I just didn’t get round to it!

I went for a change on my nails, pastel colours for the week ahead from Model’s Own and Rimmel.


I also went to a fantastic Vintage Sale and Afternoon Tea to raise money for the NSPCC. I will tell you more about this during the week I promise!


After the sale I decided to do a big Spring clean of my clothes!


This was me half way through once I hit the wall of tidying. I did however throw out 2 bags of old clothes, made up 3 bags for charity and sorted out a full drawer of clothes I will fit back into.


Why is it you never can find a clothes hanger when you need it, yet after a clear out you find AAALLL these!

Hope you all have a fab week and I will get some new blogs up for you so keep an eye out!


The other woman

Such a busy day today I’ve not had a chance to blog. I didn’t get in from Letterkenny until after 4am this morning. I’ve spent the day baking a birthday cake (I shall show you later) followed by a couple of drinks with one of my girlies, then the cinema with Mum.

The other woman was definitely the perfect movie to watch in relation to my current situation! Girls sticking together to get revenge on a cheating ass of a man! At the end of the day us girls need to stick together and learn from our mistakes!

Def a must see in my opinion!

Happy weekend



YAY!!! Look what has arrived in Bloomfields Bangor, Accessorize! Something that Bloomfields has needed for a while, I love Accessorize and our closest ones are either in Forestside or Victoria Square so a bit of a way to go for that accessory fix and I have to say none are as big with such a fantastic selection as this new one in Bangor.  Talking to staff members this is now one of their flagship stores, running alongside the likes of the ones in London!




So much to choose from and the layout looks great, filled with goodies but lots of space to get around and have a good old nosey.


statement 2

Starting off with my all time favourite, The Statement Necklace.

statement 1

I really love all the pastel and bright colours!


I also think these personalised necklaces are so cool, I will definitely need to invest in one of these, just to make the decision between the gold or coloured one.

necklace 1

There are also some stunning finer necklaces, some of which are sterling silver.


The statement earrings, so many to choose from but these are my top picks.


I also love the collections of stud earrings, simple and stunning and so many gorgeous colours.


Perfect for the Summer anklets and bracelets.


These were my favourite clutches in the shop.


Some of the larger handbags and clutches.


A couple of other items that caught my eye, hair pieces, rings, tights and scarves.


If you get the chance pop in! It’s located where Monsoon was, opposite Argento and beside o2.


Bloomfield Shopping Centre

South Circular Road


BT19 7HB