Speckled eggs


I recently took up the offer Model’s Own were running – 6 polishes for £20.  I find their polishes really good, they have a great range and constantly have a different variety and trends they release.  Their latest trend has been their ‘Speckled Egg’ Collection, again something different from this very current company.  The collection comes in a range of colours; Dove Pink, Goose Yellow, Magpie Green, Duck Blue and Swan Lilac.


Dove Pinkpicture sourced from the Model’s Own Website


Goose Yellow – picture sourced from the Model’s Own Website


Magpie Green – picture sourced from the Model’s Own Website


Duck Blue – picture sourced from the Model’s Own Website


Swan Lilac picture sourced from the Model’s Own Website

I decided to go for the Magpie Green, Duck Blue and Swan Lilac from the Speckled Egg Collection in my Model’s Own haul, alongside Blueberry Muffin, Grape Juice and Lilac Dream.


Unfortunately my Blueberry Muffin polish was smashed at the top of the bottle, but I have to say Model’s Own were so good at replying to me on twitter about it, telling me where to email and then replying to my email straight away.  They now have another bottle on its way out to me.  Understandable that this can sometimes happen but I commend the company for their fantastic costumer service!


As I have green acrylic on my nails I decided to try out the Magpie Green, as you can see from the picture above it is stunning, a really in colour at the minute these nails are so on trend!  The coverage was good and these are my nails with only one coat of the polish, you may need two as the green already under mine may have helped.

I can’t wait to try out the other colours, however I might have to wait until I get my nails done again as the green below may taint the pastel colours.  Keep an eye out on my Instagram account for the pictures of my nails with the other polishes.




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