A couple of months ago I came across a fabulous Australian blogger Fat Mum Slim, I love her blog posts and follow her on facebook and instagram.  At the start of March I spotted the picture above and decided that I would do her photo challenge and I was determined to definitely finish it! I always start these challenges and then give up or forget half way through, but I have to say I am pretty proud of myself to follow through to the end of the month with the challenge!


Day one – Yellow – Harland and Wolff (Belfast)

Day two – Something Borrowed – My boyfriend (Ryan’s) PJ bottoms

Day three – My name is – My little cousin was doodling in my diary

Day four – On my mind – my bed had been on my mind ALL day

Day five – Something beginning with I – ingredients

Day six – Chair – my chair in work

Day seven – Fly

Day eight – In the corner – Fluff took up the corner of Ryan’s bed

Day nine – 10am – I didn’t see 10am so this was my alarm

Day ten – Far away – Harland and Wolff was far away

Day eleven – Something good – People are not just reading but hitting the ‘like’ button on my blog posts

Day twelve – Partial – I’m partial to a Nando’s

Day thirteen – Fresh – A fresh morning on my way to work

Day fourteen – Care – Take care of a plant and look what you get

Day fifteen – Evening – The night sky

Day sixteen – Beautifully Ordinary – Massive pizza for lunch with my second family

Day seventeen – Today’s weather – Grey, Dull, Cold, Wet

Day eighteen – 5 years ago – crazy how much we’ve all changed!

 Day nineteen – Cropped – My text confirmation – Donation to Cancer Research

Day twenty – Letters – No letters that day, just cards

 Day twenty one – Full – A head full of hair dye


 Day twenty two – morning – feeling sick


 Day twenty three – I’m Loving – Cocoa Brown Tan and Marissa’s team


Day twenty four – One of a kind – Our wee relationship


Day twenty five – Soft – my pillow

Day twenty six – I am here – suck on the sofa watching Game of Thrones


Day twenty seven – I made this – ages ago I made this chocolate and popping candy moustache cupcake

Day twenty eight – Nostalgia – an old pic of my bro, cousin and I blowing out my 5th birthday cake


Day twenty nine – Sticky – sticky bun


Day thirty – Fast – Ryan will want to run to Pizza Express fast with this offer


Day thirty one – Faux – fake grass . . . oregano

That’s my 31 days and so impressed that I actually completed my photo a day challenge! As much as I would love to do another one I think I’m going to try out the #100happydays.

However if you would like to try a monthly photo challenge, her is Fat Mum Slim’s April Challenge.



2 thoughts on “#FMSPhotoadayChallenge

    1. Quickly play catch up and roll on from there! 🙂 let me know if you complete it, it’s Def an accomplishment to get the whole way through! Espesh if you have a memory like mine lol xx

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