All clear! :)


So the date came around once again, thankfully now it’s every six months rather than 3 then 4! For the next couple of years I go to the hospital every 6 months for my haematology check ups. I hate hospitals and I’m a total needle phob! So to get through this I have to apply lidocaine to my arms which usually don’t come with the right plasters so mum or dad have to wrap my arms in clingfilm lol. Losing the ability to bend your arms in a pain in the butt plus being left with white spots where it’s taken off your tan!

Now that I go every 6 months I don’t see my consultant but my haematology nurse Joanne who is just the best! She knows about my needle phobia,Ā  she knows me and knows all the right things to say.Ā  The other good thing about seeing her is that it’s a small clinic so I get seen quicker and my bloods come back mega fast! šŸ™‚ no long panicked waits for me!

This time round once again I have no symptoms, no lumps or bumps and my bloods are all clear, in Joanne’s words “looking fantastic”! So that’s me all clear for another 6 months and in total 15 months all clear of cancer and Hodgekins lymphoma! Yay!!!! And I got to catch up with one of the fantastic nurses that treated and looked after me in the McDermott unit at the Ulster Hospital!

Happy Tuesday guys!

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