White chocolate mini egg rocky roads
I spotted this recipe on the Sainsbury’s website the other day and was dying to try it out! I did however make a few of my own tweeks to the recipe.


As you can see mine looked nothing like it showed on the website.


I was a cheap skate and went for Sainsbury’s own brand economy white chocolate (I think it was 30-35p a block) and only used 300g rather than 400g. I also used 50g of Sainsbury’s rich tea and 50g of Sainsbury’s digestives.


I didn’t get 25 squares out of mine,  I got about 16-18.


As I tweeked my recipe the nutritional info would be different.


My slab before the fridge.


One of my squares.  I have to admit I wasn’t too sure if these would maybe be a bit too sweet and sickly and overpowered by the white chocolate.  But I was pleasantly please that I was wrong! These squares are so yummy and very addictive, everyone who has tried them has really enjoyed them. I think the reduction of chocolate helps to combat the sweetness and the half and half rich tea and digestive combo gives a nice crunch and blend.

To see this recipe for yourself or any other of Sainsbury’s Easter recipes check out this link
Sainsbury’s Recipes

Why not try these yourself over the weekend or Easter hols. The kids would be fab at helping too!


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