Up in the hills

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I know I planned to show you all yesterday’s haul from Penny’s today, but I kinda got a little side tracked spending time with my two gorgeous cousins Jodie (10) and Lauren (8).  Initially we had decided on going to the cinema, but it was such a beautiful day we changed our mind and decided to get out in the sunshine.  A lot, and I mean a lot of umm-ing and ah-ing later (I swear these two are the most indecisive children I have EVER met!) I told them about Hillmount Nursery and how they have baby animals, this was a big winner with the girls!

There are two Hillmount nurseries, one in Bangor and one in Belfast (up the Castlereagh Hills between Dundonald and Gilnahirk) we went to the one in Belfast. Here are both the addresses:

Hillmount @ Bangor –  116 Belfast Road, Bangor BT20 3NN          Tel – 028 9127 2330

Hillmount @ Belfast – 56-58 Upper Braniel Road,  Belfast BT5 7TX           Tel – 028 9044 8213

I had spotted a few pictures and status updates on Facebook from Hillmount so I knew they would have some cute animals for the kids to see without having to pay farm prices to get in!

The pregnant Pygmy Goats, bunnies, sheep, lambs and possibly chicks!

Well maybe no chicks just yet!


First off we went on a mission to find the lambs.  Mega cute and this family have just arrived at Hillmount so mummy sheep was giving off a little getting used to her new surroundings.  Jodie and I loved it, but Lauren wasn’t too keen on the smell, so we went on to see the bunnies.


Lauren doesn’t look too impressed here but she loved seeing the bunnies.  Unfortunately we had missed petting time (2pm every day the bunnies come out and are put into baskets that the children can sit and hold, then pet).  So we had to try and squeeze our hands/fingers through the crate to have a little pet.


After the bunnies, we then went over to check out the eggs and see if we could spot any possible signs of chicks.  None yet though, although from the sheet in front of the incubator they are due to hatch on Saturday 19th April.

The girls had a great time wondering around all the different areas in the shop, especially the toy and crafting area! We also had a look around the plants and the girls each bought a strawberry plant and plant pot, altogether costing £3 each.  They were mega excited to get it planted when they got home, I cant believe I forgot to take a picture.

hil 2

We stopped for some treats in the café, the girls were very happy and impressed! Jodie went for the apple pie (which she got heated), Lauren went for a fizzy drink and a fifteen and I went for a decaf cappuccino, and a plain scone with jam.  I have to say it was lovely, the scone was lovely and fresh and we were there at about 3.30ish.  Sorry about the shaky pictures and the half eaten apple pie, Jodie couldn’t resist, this all came to £10.85.


Finally we finished our visit by seeing the Pygmy Goats.  The girls did want to try out the park area but we just didn’t have enough time.  They were more than happy with the goats though, they were really friendly, Jodie took lots of pictures and they both had fun feeding them grass they had picked.

Myself and the girls would thoroughly recommend a trip to Hillmount over the Easter break! We all really enjoyed ourselves, it was free in and we were able to see the animals.  The girls had a great time wondering around the nursery and they were able to buy their own strawberry plant and pot with their pocket money.  The food in the café was lovely and reasonably priced, the girls really enjoyed what they had and there were clean plates all round.  The girls as soon as we left asked if we could go back again . . . A big thing for a free day out with some added treats when it comes to kids judgements!  Young and old everyone will enjoy.

Contact info – Hillmount @ Belfast – 116 Belfast Road, Bangor BT20 3NN  Tel – 028 9127 2330



Full of events and information make sure to check out their website and ‘like’ their Facebook page and of course make a visit yourself!

Happy Easter


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    1. I’m not sure you’d need to check their website or fb, prob not though as the animals have been borrowed from Streamvale xx

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