The Dainty Bow Bakery


The Dainty Bow Bakery is a home-run business, based in Bangor County Down, owned by Baker and Cake Designer Ruth McKibben. Ruth has recently turned her dream into a reality by taking the plunge and opening up her business. I decided to ask Ruth a few questions about her business.


Where did your inspiration come from to open your own business?

One of my favourite things has to be stepping into a bakery.   I love the smell of the freshly baked bread, the countless rows of yummy treats lined up in front of me, and just the general atmosphere of it all! But it does disappoint me a little that I haven’t yet found my dream bakery, they are all a bit too traditional for me! Some days I find myself dreaming of owning a bakery shop rather than just working from home! In my head, I imagine a boutique style bakery shabby chic design. The bakery I imagine is on a pretty street, with a window display of the most beautiful cakes you have ever cast your eyes upon! On either side of the door to the bakery would be a topiary tree, just to add some kerb appeal!   As you walk in you would see a glass shelf filled with countless different flavours of cupcakes, in a vast array of colours. Some would be displayed in glass bell jars, whilst others in vintage bird cages. More cakes would also be displayed to accompany the cupcakes, all perched on pretty cake stands. .. Peggy Porshen would be my dream bakery!


Have you always had a love of baking?

I remember when I was younger, I always used to help my Mum bake. We usually baked apple pies, cakes or buns. However, the baking we did then was a little different to the baking we do now. To start with, every thing was mixed the old fashioned way – with a wooden spoon. We didn’t have Kenwood’s or Kitchen Aid’s in those days!! Creaming the butter and sugar together was almost like a gym workout! Plus it didn’t help that the kitchen was so cold that the butter remained cold, and harder to beat!! We used to beat the butter and sugar together in a glass bowl, and it was passed from my Mum who started beating it, to me and then to my sister, and finally to my Dad, who usually was the one to end up with the task since he had the most muscles! It really was a family effort! We weighed all the ingredients out on old fashioned kitchen scales using weights, rather than the digital scales we have nowadays.

Tell us a bit about the Dainty Bow Bakery.

The Dainty Bow Bakery has always been my dream and its only recently I’ve had the guts to turn it into a reality! Its a boutique bakery based in Bangor County Down and run from my home. I create delicious cakes and cupcakes for any special occasions. I particularly love creating wedding cakes (that is where my passion lies) but I also create birthday cakes, engagement cakes, christening cakes, baby shower cakes, or for any other special occasion. I work full time in my ‘day job’ but cakes are always on my mind. I love creating new designs and new flavours.


What’s your most prized baking tool?


It definitely has to be my Kitchen Aid mixer which I got for Christmas!! I love it!

And lastly, how do we contact you?


Some more of The Dainty Bow Bakery’s work . . .






To stay up to date with The Dainty Bow Bakery like their Facebook Page



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