April’s Instagram Roundup


Wow how can April be gone already?! Once again another month has totally flown in, lots of ups and one major down but I am focusing on all the ups, the time with friends and family and trips out around my gorgeous country.  I definitely took millions of pictures over this month, so many opportunities and fantastic views.  Let me share with you my instagram roundup for April 2014.




This month once again has shown me just how quickly things can change and how quickly your life has been turned upside down, but you know what, the one thing that never and will NEVER change is the relationships I have with my girlies.  Men may come and go and life will change and at times slap you in the face but my girls and our friendships and love for each other will NEVER change!  For all my besties who have been amazing and there for me without doubt thank you I love you! For those friends who perhaps I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while but contacted me to see I was ok or to share their love and positive words thank you, you will never know how much that meant to me! And finally to my followers thank you and those who took the time to contact me and share their stories I appreciate it so much I can not even explain!

April as much as I enjoyed you I am looking forward to you being over and moving on to a new clean and empty month with lots of fun and pictures with friends and family to fill it up with!

Goodbye April


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