Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory

Last Friday mum and I went on a trip to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory in Belfast for a tour.  Initially I had wanted to go with my little cousins who had been before and loved it but they were away at Brownie camp and mum had said that she would go with me.  I have wanted to visit Aunt Sandra’s for ages and go on a tour but I just haven’t had the chance, the closest I got was buying some of their delicious sweets at St George’s Market in Belfast and through Postatreat.

This was my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) I went for my new floral print dress with a brown belt, black leggings and blue sandals, all from Primark topped off with my denim shirt from Dorothy Perkins.

From the road the shop/factory stands out in it’s bright, pretty pink! I loved the cute VW van they have which was parked outside, I know a few people who would most definitely love this!

sweets 1

Walking into the shop we were greeted with the delicious sweet smells and the amazing colours and array of what seemed like millions of sweets of every kind you could possibly think of, even the retro ones my mum remembered.

We paid £5 each and received our tickets!

Next up was the main man himself Uncle Jim.  This lovely and bubbly man is the owner and tour guide for Aunt Sandra’s and is indeed Aunt Sandra’s nephew, it really is a family affair!


Check out the cool, retro décor!

The demonstration and talk from Uncle Jim then began.

Now I don’t want to give you too much info or give away any of the secrets or you will be bored when you get there and you will already know all the answers for the quiz!!


First off was a fun story about the history of Aunt Sandra and the candy factory.  This was full of history, interesting facts and was 100% interactive and memorable!  A week later even mum can remember everything Uncle Jim told us.  Jim makes the everything so fun and interactive, he encourages the children to get involved with the story through soundeffects and making them answer questions, reminding everyone throughout that there will be a quiz at they end where they can win prizes!

making prizes

Uncle Jim makes the prizes for the quiz in front of you, bringing out the boiling hot liquid to fill all the different moulds.  It really doesn’t matter where you sit for the show as you will see everything with the camera recording above Jim’s table and showing on the TV on the wall.  The seating positions usually work out with the children at the front and adults at the back, but your child can sit with you if they prefer.

stretch 1

Uncle Jim then shows you the old fashioned, traditional way of making candy by hand.

stretch 2

It’s amazing to see how it is actually done and OMW the smells are mouth-watering!!!

sweet machine

Next up Uncle Jim brought out the very old machine they use to make the sweets, this was so fascinating to see how it worked. He put in a section of the candy which the machine seemed to then print a dome shape into the candy.


As the individual sweets were left to cool and set, he then started making more prizes.  An iPhone, Lady Gaga’s bracelet (make sure he tells you the story about her it’s great, she def loves Aunt Sandra’s!) a snake and more lollies.  Uncle Jim then uses these as the prizes to those who put up their hand first and correctly answer the questions on the story of the history of the Candy Factory that he has just told you.  Not to worry about having a group left out, at least one person in each group will have a chance to win a prize, it is all very fair.

free sweets

The sweets that were cooling were finally ready and each group received a free bag full.  Ours were blue coloured fizzy bubble-gum sweets.  This wouldn’t be a flavour I would pick and I was a bit hesitant about trying one, but I have to say they were lovely, I would definitely buy them again!


Not to worry if you don’t win a prize Uncle Jim gives everyone a free lolly.




On our way out some of his fab staff make up bags of candy floss for everyone!


Look at all those yummy handmade sweets ready to be sold or delivered.

final sweets

More sweets from the shop on our way out, before I spent £4.50 on some yummy goodies! The great thing is too that you can pay by card so not to worry if you have no cash on you.


Both myself and mum would 100% recommend a tour with Uncle Jim at Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory, we loved it and we didn’t even have children with us!  Jim is fantastic, interesting, and so captivating that you don’t even realise you are learning because you are having so much fun!  For £5 per person this is a total bargain, especially for what you learn and all the free treats!


Here is all the info you need:

Aunt Sandra’s
60 Castlereagh Rd,

tel – 028 9073 2868




They also have a new Chocolate Workshop which is £10 per person, I definitely think I should go along to this, to test it out and review it for you all of course 🙂 hehe

Did you know you can also have your birthday party at Aunt Sandra’s?

They also have an online shop if you would like some of Lady Gaga’s favourite sweets when she is in Northern Ireland!

And don’t forget Postatreat also deliver sweets from Aunt Sandra’s!



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