Spring birthday baking

I told you all on Saturday night how busy I had been and that I had made a MASSIVE birthday cake for my friend’s girlfriend.  I made a chocolate cola cake, which was distaurous at the start as the mixture leaked through the lose bottomed tin, this was why the cake ended up being so big, I had to attempt to make another cake which ended up being the other half of the cake.


Just look how MASSIVE it was! I’m not used to making cakes and I have to say I’m not as confident as I would be baking cupcakes, however it all turned out great! The birthday girl and her friends loved the cake and said how fab it tasted.  Chocolate cola cake with a rich chocolate buttercream and covered with vanilla buttercream and handmade white and yellow fondant flowers.

I started off making all the flowers, I have a cutter for them, a bit like a punch, but they took forever, so fiddly and then having to add the centre to them all.

Next up I gave the cake a crumb coating, this is were you apply a thin layer of buttercream to the cake and you will most likely find the crumbs of the cake will come off in the icing.  Leave to dry/set and then I applied the main buttercream icing.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with my icing skills, the cake looked well before adding any of the decoration.


10168005_10152040848742021_870335513969806984_n (2)

I was asked to write ‘Happy Birthday Rachel’ on the top but I have to admit I wimped out. My piping skills would be terrible, I don’t have any letter cutters the right size (I really do need to invest in some) so I opted for a bought ‘Happy Birthday’ sign, I think it did the job though.

I really loved making this cake too, apart from the slight problem with the tin.  I was also so impressed with how well it turned out, perfect for a Spring party or birthday.


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